Kathleen Gilbert


‘It’s OK to kill a baby in the womb, when..?’ 180 movie shows pro-abortion to pro-life conversions

Kathleen Gilbert

“I interviewed a very colorful university student on-camera, and gave him a scenario about taking the life of Jews—at the gunpoint of a Nazi.  He immediately said that he would never kill someone, so I then said, ‘How do you feel about abortion?’ He changed his attitude completely and said that he was for it. I then likened what he said to the thinking of the Nazis, and from there we crossed swords for about five minutes. It was a very compelling interview. ...

“[I was] determined to put more people into that same scenario. So the next time I did so, I went one step further and asked ‘the’ question, and was amazed at how people did a complete 180. They changed from being adamantly pro-abortion, to being pro-life, in seconds.”

- Ray Comfort, 180 creator, LifeSiteNews.com interview


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