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It’s time to take the fight to those who attack the Truth

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This is an urgent message. With just 9 days left before our Christmas campaign ends, we still have a whopping $219,029 left to raise - or 73% of our absolute minimum goal. That will fund the many basic costs of operating this complex, growing international news mission with over 30 staff.

Today I must humbly challenge those who have not yet donated to make the most generous donation you can to help us continue to reach millions around the world with our unique pro-life, pro-family journalism! 

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The need for a clear voice that is unafraid to speak TRUTH without compromise, and the ability to reach millions of people around the world with this truth is at an all-time high. 

Because of this great need, and the increasing number of life and family leaders and activists seeking honest coverage of their vital work, the minimum campaign goal has to be achieved this Christmas.

Defending life, faith, and freedom in 2018 depends upon you to make this campaign successful! Please donate generously today.

I am reminded of the story of Kyle, the young college student who went out of his way to contact LifeSite to share with us how our news reporting played a role in his conversion to Christianity! And, the Benham Brothers, who thanked us for supporting them when HGTV cancelled their television show over their stance on traditional marriage. 

This is the cultural impact you can continue to make with a donation today - and with 250,000+ people reading us on a daily basis, we should easily be able to reach our goal!

To put it simply: if each person who read this one email donated whatever they could (even just $10, $25, or $35) we would easily surpass the goal! That’s literally all it would take!

Can I count on you to provide the TRUTH to as many as 5,000 people today with your gift of $35? Perhaps you want to help us reach more than 10,000 people with a donation of $75? (Click here to donate)

There are few places where people can turn to find the unique global, “big picture” perspective on the battle between the Culture of Life and the Culture of Death at this time of great crisis!
Despite what you hear from the mainstream media, there are still millions of faithful people ready to stand and fight for life, family, and freedom. But, they need to be armed with the best possible, always-reliable information, and to be supported by media who are willing and able to get their message out to the world

The regular media, even most Church-related media, cannot at all be relied on to play that role.

Your contributions help serve life and family defenders around the world who know that they are far from being alone in this global battle (yes, it is indeed a great battle!) to uphold absolutely essential life and family principles. 

With only 9 days left in our Christmas campaign, we still have a steep $219,029 left to raise. Please help today with the most generous donation that your circumstances permit.

And if you are not able to donate, your prayers for the success of this campaign are always greatly appreciated - in fact they are necessary.

Thank you for being an essential part of the LifeSite family.  Without you this truth-in-news service could never function as well as it does in influencing the world for the good of all.

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