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December 14,2020 (LifeSiteNews) – In 2020, the mainstream media has fully revealed – like never before – the depth of its dispositions to lies, manipulation, and willingness to engage in character assassination and to destroy the reputations of any who oppose their leftist views. Even outlets that conservatives have historically relied on, like Fox News, have exposed who they really are. 

As they tout the tagline “new normal” we must push for our own “faithful to God normal” – truthful journalism! 

It’s no secret what the full-fledged agenda of mainstream media is. We know exactly what we are up against. It’s clear that truthful and authentic journalism is needed now more than ever because that kind of real journalism has died long ago almost everywhere else in today’s news world. 

That is exactly why LifeSiteNews exists.  

Our truth mission began over 23 years ago to take up where mainstream media has failed. Since then, our audience has grown to over 40 million readers utilizing this unique platform as a source for truth.  

 YOU have the power to help us fill the need for truthful journalism this Christmas!  

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Unfortunately, journalists at CNN, MSNBC, all main Canadian and European news providers, and even Fox News are burying their heads in the sand when politically incorrect, truthful information is put in front of them to report.  

The reason? These media outlets are bought and paid for organizations that can no longer be trusted to provide objectivity and unbiased information to the public. They answer to the highest bidder and right now that bidder is the anti-life, anti-family, and anti-Christian voice of secular politicians, globalists, Big Tech CEOs, and even the Chinese Communist Party.  

Yes, you read that last part right. There is increasing information coming out now that the CCP has been playing a large role in forming the minds of the American people through their dolling out of millions of dollars to influential U.S. institutions and persons. 

They will stop at nothing to strip as many people of freedom and prosperity in their desperate grab for total power and extreme wealth.  

But they will only win if we stop using our voice to speak the truth. 

Despite unprecedented obstacles, our readership has grown this year due to the millions of people abandoning the obviously more dishonest than ever media outlets.  

2020 has marked the year where all pretenses and restraints have come off and Big Media and Big Tech have lost all shame for what they are doing. 

In order for us to handle this increased traffic and to keep battling the hugely increased censorship, generosity from LifeSite readers must increase!  

Our influence has allowed the public to bypass the bribed and controlled media all parroting the almost identical, word-for-word messages they have been given to dispense by their masters.  

Your support will allow us to continue our coverage of these major concerns: 

  • Big Tech censorship   

  • Government coercion of citizens to be forcefully vaccinated  

  • Churches and Faith leaders bowing to pressure from governmental agencies   

  • Continual erosion of pro-life and pro-family laws around the world  

  • The cover-up of major breaking stories (Hunter Biden laptop revelations about his and his father’s financial connections to the CCP) by mainstream media outlets.  

Our mission to be an alternative news source for these growing concerns is dependent upon you. 

 So, I hope you will make the support of our life and family news agency your ‘faithful to God normal’ this Christmas.  

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