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(LifeSiteNews) — On today’s episode of Faith & Reason, Hunter Biden laptop expert Jack Maxey provided in-depth analysis on the “sweetheart” plea deal offered to Hunter Biden that was thrown out by Trump-appointed district Judge Maryellen Noreika Wednesday. He also discusses the alleged attempt by Hunter’s lawyer to impersonate the prosecution to have Noreika throw out an amicus brief filed by the House Ways and Means Committee.

Maxey, addressing the alleged phone call, said the fact they were caught “just shows you this sort of level of incompetence that we’re seeing throughout this process.” Speaking to Noreika’s decision to throw out the plea deal, he stated his belief that she is “starting to question everything” related to the case, and that Hunter’s lawyers were told he could still face charges for potentially violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) for potential money laundering.

Maxey also touched upon a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) document dated from late June 2020 detailing Hunter’s involvement with the Ukrainian oil firm Burisma. It was released on Wednesday by Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley on Twitter, stating that it was a “bombshell.”

“I think the bombshell came out … which was the release of the [FBI] document from Grassley, the person who was witness to [Mykola] Zlochevsky, the chairman of Burisma, claiming that he had to pay $5 million, both to Hunter and the big guy,” Maxey states. “He explains that it would be very hard to unravel those wire transactions, again proving the intent to commit a crime and to launder money.”

Maxey further stipulated that the Bidens should be charged for violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.

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When Faith & Reason host John-Henry Westen asked Maxey to explain the FARA violations, Maxey stated that they would be related to Hunter’s “representing [the] Chinese Communist Party [CCP] in his multiple dealings with CEFC, a communist-backed company, his dealings with Chinese Offshore Oil Corporation, his dealings with Romania, and his attempts to purchase oil fields there.”

“The fact of the matter is now the Bidens are in a really tight space, because Hunter is not going to have the plea deal,” Maxey affirmed. “They’ve been shamed and forced into dealing with some of these other allegations because of brave whistleblowers and others.”

Maxey went on to liken the situation the Bidens find themselves in with the one President Richard Nixon found himself in before resigning in 1974. According to Maxey, the mainstream media is “beginning to question the Bidens’ behavior,” in a similar way the Republican press “turned on” Nixon before he resigned.

“I think there will come a moment when the Democrats in the Senate leadership decide that they cannot support Joe Biden any longer,” he maintains. He also urged viewers to remember that the issue regarding the Biden family corruption should be centered on “the corrupt individuals within the justice and intelligence apparatus and foreign policy apparatus of the United States government that have enabled this criminal behavior,” in both political parties.

Maxey also urged viewers to watch who in Washington is hiring lawyers, giving a detailed account of how the Hunter Biden laptop touches upon almost every aspect of corruption in the U.S. government. He cited the example of Kathy Chung, a one-time employee of Joe Biden hired by Hunter while he was Vice President.

He also offered further remarks on the FBI document released by Grassley, noting that “this thing is dated June 30, 2020. This is in the midst of an election year.”

The American people needed to know the things that we’re finding out now, after we watched the destruction of the European economy because of this war in Ukraine, after we’ve blown up Nord Stream. All of these things are being revealed.

And at the end of the day, it is U.S. intelligence, FBI, CIA, in conjunction with the Biden administration, the Justice Department, the State Department, who have pulled the wool over the American people’s eyes, undermining the democratic process.

“I think that you’re seeing Washington panic,” Maxey added.

“The insiders at these organizations, the ones who could at the snap of the fingers get 51 intelligence agents … to sign a document declaring the whole laptop, which is the basis of every single investigation that’s going on right now, would not be getting prosecuted for tax evasion if not for the laptop,” he opined.

Following Maxey’s remarks on the potential of Washington panicking, Westen asked him if he could speak about the potential testimony of Devon Archer before the House Oversight Committee. Archer is a family friend of former Secretary of State John Kerry who had business dealings with Hunter Biden, having established Rosemont Seneca.

If Archer’s going to testify, then I think it’s bad juju for the Bidens because Archer will testify that he was on multiple phone calls with the Vice President and foreign business entities,” Maxey responded.

“I also have a confidential witness who’s offered to testify under oath that he also was on telephone calls with Joe Biden concerning foreign business operations that would require government intervention to grease the skids.” 

Maxey further noted that former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski was added to Burisma’s board under the proviso that he would say he was on it for two months beforehand, in order to give the appearance that Hunter joined because he was a member. Maxey, through Kwasniewski, connected the Bidens to the Atlantic Council by pointing out that Kwasniewski used to employ Radoslaw Sikorski, the husband of Anne Applebaum.

“All this was done, by the way, by Boise Schiller,” Maxey added. “They’re all connected. Hunter also had a $256,000 a year, no show job at Boies Schiller. Boies Schiller were the ones who provided legal protection cover for Hunter’s hiring of Louis Freeh to represent his criminal partner rescue in Romania, which is one of the places where he is being accused of taking money. Their objective was to buy the place the oil fields for the Communist Chinese.

When asked by Westen what could be done with regard to the Bidens, Maxey, after reiterating what he said on a previous episode of Faith & Reason about the Bidens’ connections to the Wuhan lab, stated that “there is room for action at a foreign court, in The Hague, for example.” 

He also noted the role of the intelligence community in the COVID-19 pandemic, stating that then President Donald Trump was not informed of the pandemic until January 2020, and that “Joe Biden was on the take from the Communist Chinese for two more years.”

“This was U.S. intelligence deciding the outcome of an election, not because they necessarily cared who the candidate was, they cared who whether or not there was going to be somebody who would play along with their game,” Maxey stated. “And Joe Biden is the ultimate dupe.”

I beseech our Catholic brothers and sisters around the world: It’s time for you to go to your governments and get them to question our government because you’re all equally afraid,” Maxey added.

“Someone has to stop this evil, and it has to be done with full exposure. And the guilty are going to have to be contrite, and we as a country have to be contrite. We are not bullies. We are people of faith who work hard with grit and sweat and blood and risk. We’re not here to bully the world. But somehow over the last 40, 50 years, our intelligence services, our State Department, and our military have become … the clubs of the bullies, and they are used against the whole world.”