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(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s episode of Faith & Reason, Jack Maxey makes a surprise return to the show, joining Father James Altman, Liz Yore, and John-Henry Westen to discuss the latest on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) persecution of pro-life and conservative Americans, the Los Angeles Dodgers re-inviting a group of blasphemous drag “nuns” to “Pride Night,” and more.

Last week, Vatican Mariologist Friar Stephano Cecchin, a Franciscan priest and president of the Pontifical International Marian Academy (PAMI), stated that a newly formed group inside the academy will judge any alleged Marian “apparitions which speak of the punishments from God” to be “absolutely false.”

Yore, reacting to Cecchin, said, “Who is this self-appointed seer, this Vatican bureaucrat who is so arrogant to question the words and the warning of our Blessed Mother? His hubris, frankly, his pomposity is jarring, troubling, and should be immediately condemned.” 

“While this self-proclaimed pope, of all things Mary and Father church and claimed universal authority on the subject of Marian events, and Deacon Nick Donnelly warned that this Friars Clinic claim was absolutely contrary to divine revelation,” she continued. 

Fr. Altman reacted to Cecchin’s claims by connecting them with what Our Lady said at Fatima: “The final attack is on faith and family, and here they are now attacking the faith, and suggesting that, in essence, … hell can’t be real … and therefore, any warning from our Blessed Mother about hell … would be false. And then we use that as a reason to discredit that particular vision, those events, leaving us devoid of any warnings, really, because our Blessed Mother has been the great messenger … from heaven.”

Maxey joined the show shortly after the discussion on Cecchin, and discussed recent developments with the FBI and Biden family corruption, connecting the Bidens with the FBI’s persecution of pro-lifers and conservatives.

Noting that a recent Harvard-Harris poll shows that most Americans think President Joe Biden was involved in an “illegal influence peddling scheme” with his son Hunter, Maxey said, “I do think that that poll was interesting because it does show that things are changing. I think the Democrats are finding themselves in the position that the Republicans found themselves at the end of [Richard] Nixon’s term, where [the] guy had overwhelming support all along and then [a] little light started going off inside people’s heads. They started saying, ‘I don’t know, I can’t really support this any longer.’ And I think that’s what’s happening with Biden.”

After the group connected the Bidens with the FBI’s raid on Catholic pro-lifer Mark Houck, and his recent testimony given to Republican Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan as part of his Weaponization of the Federal Government Committee, Altman noted: “[The situation with the federal government is] so bad that people are going to have to choose now. There’s no sitting in on the fence anymore. I’m going to be okay with corruption or I’m going to stand up and finally say, ‘Enough is enough’ … I think what might get people to finally do [something] is to realize that even as we know, the corruption is there through Hunter Biden’s laptop, even as Hunter Biden and Joe Biden know this corruption, they don’t have the decency to lay low.”

Yore followed up on Altman’s remarks, saying, We see the FBI who’ve been intentionally suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop, knowing that at the high levels of our government, our country is being sold out. I mean, what kind of law enforcement government operation is that, that would keep that information from the American people? It’s an agency that is corrupt to the core.”

“The American people cannot sit by anymore and just … roll their eyes. We must demand changes,” she continued.

Maxey concluded the discussion by saying, We are in a crucible moment right now … the responsibility for where we’ve gotten lies in the mainstream media, the U.S. intelligence services, the cowardice of the people with oversight responsibility.”

Last week, the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team announced that they would honor a blasphemous drag queen group called “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” by designating it as a Community Hero Award honoree. The Dodgers would give the award on its “Pride Night” event scheduled for June 16, the Feast of the Sacred Heart. Upon receiving backlash, the baseball team uninvited the troupe, but then re-extended the invitation Monday, to the consternation of conservatives and Catholics.

Yore, reacting to the Dodgers’ decision to re-invite the group, said, “The LA Dodgers have to pay for this abomination against our faith, and against a group of holy people at one point who gave up everything to educate, to teach about the faith, and to create leaders in this country, and to bring … European Christian civilization to America. So, every week it seems like we discuss these horrendous events, but this one, I thought, was particularly heinous. And … everybody’s got to pile on with the LA Dodgers.”

Altman said that he believes that most people going to Dodgers’ games would be angry about the invitation, and that “they should burn their season tickets, make it known that they will never buy a season ticket again, and then just leave the seats empty. The problem is they’ll still get some TV money, but then turn off the TV. Quit watching all of Major League Baseball.

Referencing the ancient Roman practice of “bread and circuses,” in which the emperors would distract the people with free gladiatorial games and food, Altman continued: “It is time we really, as a human, just for the sake of keeping your own life pure, holy, and us being the light of Christ, should be giving up the circuses, giving up those things by which we are ensnared in the agenda that these circuses promote. That’s tough for people to do because they’re so addicted to the circuses.

Maxey, noting that many people attending a Dodgers game would be Hispanic Catholics, said, “So [the Dodgers] may have chosen the absolutely wrong baseball stadium in North America to do this little stunt, because my guess is the families of Hispanic American Catholics are not going to put up with this, are going to be very upset. They look at the Dodgers as a family-oriented place. They hope families go there. There are massive people in the parking lots, grilling hot dogs and stuff before every game. I think they’re going to be upset, and it’ll be interesting because this is Los Angeles.

LifeSiteNews is currently running a petition demanding the LA Dodgers nix the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence from their “Pride Night” lineup.

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