OAKLAND, CA – A girl who became the center of national controversy after she was declared “brain dead” by Oakland Children’s Hospital while still on life support will receive an honorary diploma from the school she attended before suffering cardiac arrest as a result of complications from a tonsillectomy.

A family member will accept McMath’s diploma on her behalf at Friday’s eighth grade graduation ceremony at the E.C. Reems Academy of Technology and Arts in Oakland.

On a Facebook page dedicated to Jahi, the family said, “Jahi has been a student at E.C Reems Academy of Technology and Arts Oakland California, from kindergarten to 8th grade. Jahi should be graduating from the 8th grade this month but it may not be possible for her to make it to the ceremony, as she is fighting to recover.”

The school first balked at acknowledging McMath during the ceremony, but relented after a campaign by McMath’s family and supporters.

Initially, the school balked at acknowledging McMath during the ceremony, saying they had received too many complaints about the idea. But after a campaign of phone calls and e-mails by McMath’s family and supporters, the school relented and agreed to present the teen’s family with her diploma.

“We thank God for everything, and also where praise is deserved, praise is given, we thank E.C. Reems Academy Principal, staff and board members, supporters and all who were involved in making this possible,” McMath’s family wrote on Facebook.  “Jahi definitely feels all the love. God bless you all. Congratulations Jahi, you deserve it.”