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Pastor Derek Reimer speaks with a reporter from the back seat of a police cruiser after his arrest.Twitter

CALGARY, Alberta (LifeSiteNews) – The van of Calgary Christian pastor Derek Reimer, who is currently in jail for protesting children’s drag queen story hours at a public library, was vandalized with an anti-Christian message and a Satanic symbol.

As per a Rebel News report, Reimer’s van, parked in front of his house, was vandalized on Tuesday morning. It was spray-painted with vulgarities along with an upside-down cross, a satanic symbol.

On the side of his van, in red, was painted, “Jesus is a [expletive],” with the front windshield bearing the upside cross.

According to the Rebel News report, Reimer’s neighbor noticed the vandalism on Tuesday morning, and then quickly told got a hold of the pastor’s roommate.

The pastor now in charge of Mission 7 Ministries, while Reimer is in jail, said that “this van is used for the mission. It’s like taking the vehicle out of service.”

The incident was reported to police by the pastor now serving for Mission 7, who said that it is a direct hate crime.

Reimer’s home has security cameras, which will be used for a police investigation.

Reimer’s family members have since removed the red paint from the van.

Reimer was jailed twice and charged for protesting a children’s drag queen story hour at a public library over a month ago in Calgary, at which he was assaulted.

He was released from a Calgary jail after he decided to sign bail papers to take care of an urgent medical condition.

He was then arrested again for a third time and spent Easter in jail. He is currently in jail awaiting another bail hearing at the end of the month.

LifeSiteNews reported that Reimer in late February was forcibly removed from a Calgary public library for protesting a drag queen story time at which he preached that “homosexuality is a sin.”

He is facing what police called “hate crime” violations.

In June 2022, Calgary City Council, under left-leaning Mayor Jyoti Gondek, amended the city’s harassment bylaws to “specifically prohibit insulting or demeaning behavior, including unwanted sexual advances, or harassing anyone on the basis of age, race, sexual orientation, disability, gender, gender identity or gender expression, among others.”

Calgary City Council went further still and last month passed a new “Safe and Inclusive Access Bylaw” that disallows “specified protests” both inside and outside all city-owned and affiliated public buildings. Gondek put her full support behind the buffer zone bylaw.

The bylaw means pastors or concerned parents protesting pro-LGBT events at public buildings will be barred from getting within 100 meters of any such location.

Reimer told LifeSiteNews a few weeks ago that he remains committed to exposing the “evil” of these events, which he described as playing into the “perversion and the indoctrination” of kids.