By Gudrun Schultz

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, October 20, 2006 ( – The social consequences of a liberal victory in the coming elections will be grave, particularly for children, Dr. James Dobson warned in a radio broadcast urging pro-family voters to go to the polls.

Dr. Dobson accused the national media of attempting to influence pro-family voters to stay home. Despite media efforts to convince “values voters” that the issue of homosexual marriage is no longer of central importance, Dr. Dobson said, activists’ push for same-sex “rights” is increasingly focused on the next generation.

“Children are being targeted,” Dr. Dobson stated. “If one of these states do not confirm traditional marriage, adoption laws will change. Those put in foster care will be placed in different kinds of homes, the training foster care parents receive will be consistent with the homosexual perspective.”

Dobson said the key significance of the coming elections is evident in media attacks on pro-family supporters.

“I have never seen such hatred in my life. I am being bludgeoned,” Dobson said, making reference to an NBC broadcaster who allegedly referred to him as ‘the worst man in the world.‘“Why? Why now? Well, it’s not really personal to me. But they identify me as one of the people who turned out the values voters last time—and they are determined to never, ever let it happen again.”

“If people of faith—the so-called values voters—don’t come out and let their voices be heard, there are going to be some major implications for this country”, he said. “There are these statements from the media that values voters don’t care this year and that they’re going to stay home.”

Recent efforts by the California legislature to pass a measure mandating the inclusion of pro-homosexual material in all public school curricula, beginning with kindergarten, was a vivid example of the child-oriented goals in the homosexual activist movement, Dr. Dobson pointed out.

“Teaching five year olds about adult perverse behavior instead of fairy tales is unconscionable.”

While the California measure was vetoed on the last day possible by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, it had passed the Assembly and Senate by a wide margin despite a national and state-wide outcry by parents and pro-family organizations—an example, Dobson said, of the lack of any accountability on the part of those behind the pro-homosexual movement.

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