BUFFALO, NY, May 9, 2003 ( – James Kopp, who admitted pulling the trigger in the shooting death of abortionist Barnett Slepian, was sentenced today to the maximum penalty allowed – 25 years to life in prison.  Kopp, who has not spoken publicly on the matter since admitting he shot the abortionist, spoke in court today.  He reiterated that he was attempting to prevent Slepian from committing abortions.  “Why should the safety of Dr. Slepian be put over the safety of unborn children?” Kopp asked. “I wish I could do 10 life sentences or 10 death penalties to save them.”  He emphasized that he did not intend to kill Slepian, only wound him in his shoulder to keep him from performing more abortions. “I was innocent of murder then. I am innocent of murder now,” he said.  “I have separated murderers from their weapons of mass destruction.”  Numerous pro-life groups have condemned Kopp’s action noting that the means to a pro-life society is not brought about by inflicting death.  See related LifeSite coverage:  PRO-LIFE LEADERS SHOCKED AND SADDENED AT KOPP GUILT IN ABORTIONIST SHOOTING