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(LifeSiteNews) – A court denied Jeff Younger’s appeal to order his ex-wife to move his son back to Texas from California, where Younger fears she will be able to circumvent a prior court ruling and chemically castrate the boy.

In an 8-1 ruling, the Texas Supreme Court refused to overturn a trial court order that allowed Younger’s ex-wife Anne Georgulas to move 10-year old James Younger, who is not her biological son, to California.

Younger fears that in California, despite a Texas court ruling that requires Younger’s consent for James to undergo gender-mutilating surgery or puberty blockers, Georgulas will medically “transition” his son to a “girl,” as she admitted she would multiple times under oath.

California recently enacted SB 107, which prevents enforcement of other states’ laws that provide penalties for medical “transgender” interventions. It states, “It is the public policy of the state that an out-of-state arrest warrant for an individual based on violating another state’s law against providing, receiving, or allowing their child to receive gender-affirming health care or gender-affirming mental health care is the lowest law enforcement priority.”

In denying Younger’s appeal, Justice James Davis “Jimmy” Blacklock, joined by Justice Evan Andrew Young, argued that California’s new law cannot prevent the enforcement of the 2021 district court order prohibiting “hormonal suppression therapy, puberty blockers, and/or transgender reassignment surgery” for James Younger “without the consent” of both parents “or court order.”

Blacklock maintained that Georgulas will not be able to sidestep the court order in California, since while SB 107 prevents enforcement of penalties for other states’ anti-transgender intervention laws, it does not contain an explicit similar provision for court orders.

“I see no provision in the bill that would alter the enforceability, in California, of a Texas court order requiring divorced parents to agree before subjecting their child to gender-transition therapy,” Blacklock wrote.

The judge also argued that Georgulas “has flatly denied to this Court that she will seek to evade the district court’s order while she is in California.”

Georgulas has treated their now 10-year-old son James like a girl since he was three, calling him “Luna,” clothing him in dresses, and presenting him in school as a girl. Younger has argued that his ex-wife led James to socially present as a girl before he was mature enough to understand its implications and has previously explained to LifeSiteNews that James presented as a boy when he was with Younger, something personally observed by a former LifeSiteNews reporter.

Georgulas has taken James to a homosexual counselor who diagnosed him with gender dysphoria. However, Younger told LifeSiteNews that with the counselor, who affirms that James is a “girl,” James has actually identified as a boy.

“When I took James to see his gay counselor who affirms him as a girl, he went as a boy. She put two sticky notes down onto her desk. One had James on it. One had his fake girl name. She said, which name do you want to be called, pick up the sticky note. He picked up James,” Younger said.

In 2021, Judge Mary Brown gave full custody of the parents’ twins to Georgulas in a temporary order after Younger was late in making child support payments, medical support, and interest. He paid his past-due support only “after the motion for enforcement was filed,” according to the judge’s ruling, The Epoch Times shared.

Younger had also ignored a court order prohibiting any discussions with the media.

Brown said in the September 21 ruling that Younger disregarded her order to attend therapy sessions, and that he had entirely neglected visits to his children over the past 13 months.

Younger told the Times that he was ordered not to change James out of a dress when he visited, which he firmly refused.

“I’ve told the judge I’ll just go to jail over that,” Younger said. “I’m not harming my son.”

He added that the judge had ordered him to pay hundreds of dollars for each supervised visit and that “he was not allowed to see his children individually and had to see them together.”

Younger further believes that the supervised visits were “a setup,” so that the court-ordered observer could complain about his refusal to call the boy Luna.

In his recent denial of Younger’s appeal, Blacklock also mentioned that he finds it “troubling” that Younger “has refused to see either of his children in over a year despite abundant opportunities to do so.”

Transgendering children is ‘child abuse’

Younger has previously pointed out to LifeSiteNews how dangerous the “transitioning” methods are to psychological and physical health. For example, he noted that puberty blockers alone “block the normal growth of the skeleton,” and that cross-sex hormones can cause permanent sterilization.

Dr. Michelle Cretella, president of the American College of Pediatricians, says encouraging transgender identity is child abuse.

“Indoctrinating preschool kids with the lie that you can be trapped in the wrong body, again, that’s disrupting their normal reality testing and cognitive development. Those things are abusive,” Cretella stated during a Heritage Foundation forum about transgenderism.

Dr. David Bell, a renowned psychiatrist and former president of the British Psychoanalytic Society, has also affirmed that gender transitioning poses “serious and irreversible damage” to children.

Lesbian feminist Camille Paglia filmed a video in 2015 likewise calling transgendering children “child abuse.”

Walt Heyer, a former “transgender,” has directly commented on James’ case in a piece published at The Federalist, writing, “The glaring disparity between a child’s preferred identity when in the presence of one parent versus the other should cause a therapist to reassess, perhaps nullify the diagnosis of gender dysphoria, and terminate any steps toward transition. But in the case of James, this hasn’t happened.”