Japan AIDS/HIV Rate Skyrockets with 80% Condom Use

TOKYO, June 6, 2005 ( - Japan is seeing skyrocketing levels of AIDS, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, increasingly among middle school children and teenagers. The Japan Family Planning Association, a group affiliated with International Planned Parenthood Federation, began distributing condoms and promoting the free sex culture in 1982. Since then the rates of sexually transmitted diseases has steadily climbed.

According to UNAIDS statistics, among Japanese who are sexually active, the rate of condom use is 80%. Even so, the rate of AIDS infections has risen 14%, the same rate that it has been increasing in sub-Saharan Africa, although the total number of Japanese cases is so far comparatively low. The United Nations has inundated Africa with condoms and promoted the idea that sex is “safe” as long as the man uses a condom. Despite its disastrous record of not preventing AIDS, this method has been promoted in every country in which Planned Parenthood or other UN-affiliated groups have worked.

In 2004, a record 1,165 cases of AIDS/HIV infection were reported in Japan. Official statistics show that the AIDS infection rate is doubling every four years according to a 2004 report by the Japan Center for International Exchange.

The official estimate of approximately 10,000 AIDS/HIV cases in Japan could be only a quarter of the actual number. Satoshi Kimura, head of the AIDS Clinical Center at the Tokyo-based International Medical Center, estimates that between 20,000 and 30,000 people in Japan do not know they have the virus.


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