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SYDNEY (LifeSiteNews) — Catholic chastity speaker Jason Evert is scheduled to reach even more youth after witches targeted his talks for cancellation.    

On May 19, a group of witches in Sydney, Australia, celebrated cancelling Evert’s talks at three Catholic schools but did not realize this would result in Evert reaching even more young people, as three other schools quickly booked Evert, with one of the schools livestreaming the talk to eight additional high schools.   

“We are filling in the empty slots with even more talks, and will reach more people as a result,” Evert told LifeSiteNews.  

“When you consecrate a trip to Our Lady, She takes care of things,” he said in an update video published to X, formerly known as Twitter.  

Evert explained that three of his talks scheduled for Catholic schools were cancelled following protests and petitions, which a group of witches takes credit for.  

“We’re so thrilled to have this big and vocal witchy platform to get witches involved in having our say about these misogynist pr–– coming to our shores to spread their bile, and equally pleased so many witches got involved in furiously emailing the school this afternoon,” the group posted on their X account.  

“Once again, the power of the witches is self-evident,” the witches claimed.  

“Thinking that a bunch of witches are going to overturn Our Lady’s wishes is kinda like thinking a bunch of house cats are going to defeat a Siberian tiger, not much of a match,” Evert declared.  

“And so, as a result of all the chaos and protests, we’re going to reach more souls than ever,” he added, while asking faithful Catholics to pray for the success of his talks.  

Indeed, Our Lady seems to have answered the prayers, as youth in Sydney appeared overjoyed to have received Evert’s talk.  

“Correction for the media: Chastity does not trigger teenagers, it sets them free!” Evert posted 

In another post, Evert uploaded a review sheet filled out by a student who attended the chastity talk. The student had rated Evert 10 out of 10 and commented, “Everything I’ve heard that was negative about Jason was untrue. Thanks Jason.”