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EWTN reporter Owen Jensen (left), White House press secretary Jen Psaki (right).Fox News / YouTube

WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) – White House press secretary Jen Psaki has said that Joe Biden continues to believe abortion is “a woman’s right”, despite the president’s claim that he remains a “devout Catholic”.

Psaki was fielding questions from after Biden administration made clear it would be making a “whole of government” to challenge the increased restrictions on abortion in the state.

EWTN reporter Owen Jensen asked why Mr. Biden supports abortion “when his own Catholic faith teaches abortion is morally wrong,” prompting a wry smile from Psaki.

“He believes that it is a woman’s right, it’s a woman’s body and it’s her choice,” she responded.

Asked a follow-up question by the same reporter about who Biden believes “should look out for the unborn child”, Psaki doubled down on her initial answer and claimed the male reporter had never faced the “choices” some pregnant women do.

“He believes it is up to a woman to make those decisions and up to a woman to make those with her doctor,” Psaki said.

“I know you’ve never faced those choices, nor you have never been pregnant,” Psaki said to Jensen, “but for women out there who have faced those choices this is an incredibly difficult thing and the president believes their rights should be respected.”

The White House press secretary then shut down Jensen’s attempt to ask another question, saying “I think we have to move on…you’ve had plenty of time today.”

The exchange between Psaki and Jensen, which took place after the Supreme Court refused a challenge to Texas’ new heartbeat law banning abortion after six weeks, raised more than a few eyebrows among political commentators, with Tucker Carlson telling his viewers that Psaki needed to update her talking points when it came to gender issues.

“You think Jen Psaki, when she does this for a living, she should know, that men get pregnant now,” Carlson quipped.

“The science people tell us that every day: men get pregnant – it’s on the cover of magazines.

“I think it’s on the cover of People magazine right now – a dude who’s pregnant!

“Now what does that mean? It means that abortion is now a men’s issue. Men are child-bearers, so men, dudes, have an equal right to choose to terminate their pregnancies and they have a right to weigh in on the policy itself.

“It’s not a women’s issue anymore, Jen Psaki!”

The White House press secretary had previously called Biden “a strong man of faith” shortly after the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) indicated they may be willing to ban pro-abortion politicians from receiving Holy Communion.

“He goes to church, as you know, nearly every weekend. He even went when we were on our overseas trip,” Psaki said in June.

“But it’s personal to him. He doesn’t see it through a political prism, and we’re not going to comment otherwise on the inner workings of the Catholic Church.”

However, Bishop Thomas Tobin of the diocese of Providence, Rhode Island condemned Joe Biden’s response to the heartbeat law in Texas this week, calling into question just how “devout” the president really is.


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