U.S. “will not survive long as a nation” unless moral and spiritual foundations are restored

Washington, February 7, 2002 ( – On Dec. 5, at the annual Hillsdale College Churchill Dinner in Washington, D.C., retiring pro-life Senator Jesse Helms gave a no holds barred speech on the emerging threats to U.S. National Security. His comments on certain U.N treaties, abortion and the need for the U.S. to return to its moral and spiritual roots were especially noteworthy.

Helms said, “Instead of focusing on new dangers, they (the Clinton administration) spent their time and energy forging ridiculous new treaties – like the Kyoto Protocol and the International Criminal Court…”. Regarding the UN campaign against national sovereignty he said, “Can anyone imagine Kofi Annan today declaring, as he did two years ago, that the United Nations Security Council is the ‘sole source of legitimacy for the use of force in the world?’ Or former Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott repeating his ridiculous assertion that all countries, ‘no matter how permanent or even sacred [they] may seem’, are in fact ‘artificial and temporary…’” and that “‘all states will recognize a single global authority’.”“In the long run”, Helms warned, “the greatest emerging danger to America may not come from without, but rather from within” and that “we will not survive long as a nation unless and until” Americans get serious about “the task of restoring our nation’s moral and spiritual foundations.” Helms said that it was right for Americans to be angry about the 4,000 innocent civilians killed on Sept. 11, but he also emphasized “…let us not forget that every passing day in our country almost 4,000 innocent Americans are killed at the hands of so-called doctors, who rip those little ones from their mothers’ wombs. These are the most innocent Americans of all – small, helpless, defenseless babies. For unborn Americans every day is Sept. 11.”

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