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(LifeSiteNews) — A Catholic university’s speech and hearing center offers so-called “gender affirming voice therapy” to clients of all ages, according to a recently published promotional flyer. 

Marquette University, a traditionally Jesuit institution in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, posted an advertisement on its website in recent weeks that boasts “voice therapy” to conform with an individual’s perceived “gender identity.” The program is available to both children and adults. 

The school’s Speech and Hearing Center describes the “service” as one that has “a goal of addressing perceived feminine/masculine and gender non-conforming voices with treatment targeting pitch, resonance, intonation and social communication skills.” Although the center’s website states that “gender affirming voice therapy” is “for adolescents and adults,” it is listed as both a “pediatric program” and “adult program.” 

General information about the center explains that the system “serves all ages, infant through geriatric.” According to a promotional flyer linked on the website, “individuals may request our services to create a voice, along with other aspects of communication, that align with their gender identity [sic] and/or gender expression.” 

“Clients may include those who identify as transgender (transmasculine and transfeminine), gender fluid, gender diverse, gender non-binary, gender nonconforming, or other gender identities.” 

Pitch, intonation, “vocal pitch contour,” resonance, “pragmatic language,” laughing, articulation, rate, volume, “body language,” and “facial expressions” are all listed as “therapy focus areas.” 

LifeSiteNews has contacted the university’s communications office for comment on why Marquette is endorsing gender ideology in direct conflict with the teachings of the Catholic Church but did not immediately receive a response. 

The Catholic Church rejects gender and LGBT ideology and promotes the natural law, embracing the creation of male and female as unchangeable identities, teaching which has been defended by Church leaders such as Pope Benedict XVI for decades. Related to medical intervention for gender confusion, the Catechism of the Catholic Church states that, “except when performed for strictly therapeutic medical reasons, directly intended amputations, mutilations, and sterilizations performed on innocent persons are against the moral law” (CCC 2297). 

“Research or experimentation on the human being cannot legitimate acts that are in themselves contrary to the dignity of persons and to the moral law,” paragraph 2295 specifies. “Experimentation on human beings is not morally legitimate if it exposes the subject’s life or physical and psychological integrity to disproportionate or avoidable risks.” 

Irreversible medical intervention for gender confusion has been criticized as experimental, and medical and mental health professionals have warned that there is a harmful rush to get confused individuals onto a path of mutilation, causing permanent physical and psychological damage. 

A family therapist recently argued that “affirming” gender confusion will lead to “a transition regret crisis,” and one pediatric surgeon even compared so-called “sex changes” to Nazi experiments, calling the trend “a medical atrocity.” 

Puberty blockers are linked to infertility and research shows cross-sex hormone usage results in significantly increased risks of heart attack and stroke. Additionally, adverse and irreversible effects of so-called “sex change” surgeries have led many individuals to regret their decisions and realize that “transitioning” to the opposite sex is against the natural law and biologically impossible. Others who continue to embrace gender confusion find themselves suffering from ongoing mental health issues. 

Marquette University also boasts an “LGBTQ+ Resource Center” which “provid[es] a haven within our center and space for dialogue, support, and growth [and] provid[es] resources, education, and advocacy, specifically with regard to issues and concerns surrounding the well-being of students, faculty, staff, and alumni with gender, romantic, and sexual minority identities.”  

The center’s description states that in “recognizing the rich history and traditions of Marquette as a Catholic, Jesuit institution, our Resource Center is driven by recognizing and cherishing the dignity of each individual.” 

The program was founded in 2015 and hosts events such as “pride week” and “trans compassion week.” There is also a “queer closet” that aims “to provide Marquette students with free and accessible gender-affirming [sic] clothing and accessories…to provide dignity, access, and support to trans and gender non-conforming [sic] students who may feel and perform best with authentic expression.” 

Previously, the historically Catholic university had berated students protesting the presence of the transgender ideology on campus and fired a professor who exposed a colleague’s refusal of criticism against same-sex “marriage” to be presented in class. The Wisconsin Supreme Court ordered the professor reinstated in 2018. 


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