Jesuit-run university promotes senior administrator with close ties to abortion provider

Julio Orio, a senior administrator at the University of San Francisco, serves on the board of a women's center that offers medical abortions.
Tue Aug 9, 2016 - 9:25 am EST
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SAN FRANCISCO, August 9, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – A Jesuit university in California recently named a faculty member who also serves on the board of an abortion provider to a new permanent post as a senior academic administrator responsible for student affairs.

The University of San Francisco (USF) appointed Julie Orio as vice provost of student life, California Catholic Daily reports, after serving as interim vice provost for roughly a year.

While USF did acknowledge in its press release that Orio has been actively involved with the Women’s Community Clinic in San Francisco since 2006, serving both as board member and chair, it stopped short of detailing any of the services offered there. They include birth control, “emergency contraception,” and “medication abortion,” the latter added just last month — and all three are in conflict with Catholic Church teaching.

So-called “emergency contraception” refers to contraception that can be abortifacient in nature, meaning that it takes the life of the pre-born child after conception has occurred.

“Medication abortion” is the “abortion pill,” the first dosage of which the mother takes at the abortion facility and the second later at home, where she will then typically deliver her dead baby. In cases where mothers suffer complications with the abortion pill, they often have to visit an emergency room for medical intervention. 

LieSiteNews did not receive a response from USF to inquiries as to how Orio's engagement with an organization that provides services in conflict with Catholic Church teaching reconciles with the university's Jesuit tradition.

At USF, Orio has managed 140 full-time employees and 25 graduate students “to enliven the university’s Jesuit mission through its co-curricular offices and activities that support the development and success of all students,” the university press release said.

The Jesuit school has had numerous instances where it publicly celebrated contravening Catholic Church teaching.

Earlier this year, USF President Jesuit Father Paul Fitzgerald congratulated two USF women’s basketball coaches who had recently gone public with their same-sex “marriage.”

After the Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court ruling imposing homosexual “marriage” on the U.S. last June, USF celebrated via its Facebook and Twitter accounts.

And in an earlier case of USF partnering with the Women’s Community Clinic, the California Catholic Daily report says, one of the featured speakers at USF’s 2010 Global Women’s Rights Forum was Dr. Eve Zaritsky, then-medical director of the abortion provider.

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