SANTA CLARA, CA, December 7, 2012, (Cardinal Newman Society)—The University of Santa Clara, a Jesuit University, hosts a blog called “Same Sex Tax Law” that not only offers analysis of the tax ramifications of the changing institution of marriage for the gay, lesbian, and transgendered but it’s written by a law professor who publicly roots for same-sex “marriage” right on the university’s website.

Professor Patricia Cain, whose areas of expertise include federal taxation, feminist legal theory, and gay and lesbian issues, recently thanked Minnesota voters on the Jesuit university’s website for their vote against upholding traditional marriage and called repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) ”a step in the right direction.”

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Immediately following the election, Cain wrote a blog post which included a word of thanks to Minnesota voters:

It would be sweet justice of a sort if Minnesota were now to reject the constitutional denial of marriage equality. And they did just that on Tuesday. Congratulations and thank you, Minnesota.

In a separate blog post she wrote, ”I fully support the RMA.” The Respect for Marriage Act (RMA) would have repealed DOMA and provided that any marriage that was entered into legally in the place of celebration would be recognized by the federal government as a valid marriage. She continued:

RMA is a step in the right direction, but there will be no workable permanent solution until all 50 states accept the place of celebration rule and treat same-sex married couples equally with other married couples.

Cain, according to the university’s website, is also the author of Rainbow Rights: The Role of Lawyers and Courts in the Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights Movement. She also teaches law students a course on “Sexuality and the Law,” which provides “an overview of the gay and transgender civil rights movements.”

Reprinted from the Cardinal Newman Society.