Tuesday February 8, 2000


MIAMI, Florida, Feb 7 ( – In a case that highlights the urgent need for conscience legislation, Pharmacist Hillel Hellinger, a Hassidic Jew and father of nine, is suing Eckerd Pharmacy for discrimination against his religion since the pharmacy fired him over his refusal to sell condoms, an action that would violate his religious beliefs.

“Condoms are not supposed to be used by a Jewish man because the sperm has to enter the woman. In the Jewish court of law you are not allowed to waste seed. … It’s a violation for me to help somebody to do something wrong,” argues Hellinger. He said that the pharmacy “could easily have accommodated him by moving the condom rack to another part of the store, or by allowing him to direct condom customers … to the cashier at the front of the store.” In fact, other pharmacies have moved the condom racks away from the pharmacy section.

However, a lawyer for Eckerd argued that “condom patrons are embarrassed, that they like the display at the back of the store and feel more comfortable making the purchase from a pharmacist rather than a young cashier up front.” Arguments in the case began Monday.

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