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Steve Bannon (left) interviews Jim Caviezel.Rumble

(LifeSiteNews) — The Catholic actor known for playing Jesus Christ in the film The Passion of the Christ has declared he is not suicidal after a financial commentator predicted Caviezel’s “days are numbered” for saying U.S. intelligence agencies are involved in child trafficking.

The Twitter account “Wall Street Silver” on June 23 shared a link to an article with Caviezel’s presumably dangerous comments. While the title of the article, “Hollywood Actor Jim Caviezel Says CIA Operates World’s Biggest Pedophile Ring,” does not accurately quote the actor, Caviezel did say in the cited interview that he believes U.S. government agencies are involved in child trafficking.

On June 20, Steve Bannon asked Caviezel if he believes the U.S. government is involved in child trafficking as other governments are, an assertion shared with Bannon previously by Eduardo Verástegui, who produced the recently released film Sound of Freedom, in which Caviezel starred as sex trafficking-fighter Tim Ballard.

“One hundred percent” Caviezel replied. “The three-letter agencies, they’re all involved … I’m not saying all of the people are, but the ones that are the most powerful, they’re protecting this information from getting out.”

“Wall Street Silver” commented on the imprecise article headline, tweeting, “His days are numbered. They will make it look like an accident. He is likely correct, the CIA does this and it is used for blackmailing their assets in high places to keep them in line.”

Investigative journalist Whitney Webb has asserted in her acclaimed book series One Nation Under Blackmail that intelligence agencies do in fact leverage sex trafficking to blackmail politicians, members of law enforcement, businessmen, and other influential figures. 

Just one example of evidence of this, according to Webb, is former U.S. Secretary of Labor and U.S. Attorney Alexander Acosta’s explanation as to why he agreed to a non-prosecution deal in the lead-up to sex trafficker and financier Jeffrey Epstein’s 2008 conviction of procuring a child for prostitution. Acosta told Trump transition team interviewers that he was told that Epstein “belonged to intelligence,” adding that he was told to “leave it alone,” The Daily Beast reported.

In a discussion with former National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn and Joy Thayer, co-founder of film studio Speropictures, Caviezel addressed the tweet, resolutely declaring he was unafraid of the possibility of being killed.

“Let me explain something to all of you in the world that think that I’m a little girl and that I’m afraid of you. I’m not scared in the least bit,” Caviezel said.

He went on to declare his readiness to give his life for God, “especially” if it was also for the children suffering at the hands of human traffickers.

“God brought me into Hollywood to be an actor. He asked me to do that … And He loved me enough to give me a purpose in my life. Because I was the lowest of the low at that time,” Caviezel shared.

“And I would gladly trade my life to save these little ones. Because the screaming I heard was so horrific, I can’t sleep at night. From three in the morning, for whatever reason, I can hear it,” he continued, apparently referencing trafficked children.

“So like David, I love my God. I love Him so much. I would give my life for Him. Do you understand that? My life is okay,” Caviezel said.

He went on to call upon Christians to be brave and unhindered by fear.

“Christians. Wake up. Stop fearing the devil more than you fear God. Stop being afraid. Unlike you, I know I’m gonna die someday. I’m not gonna die by my own hand. I’m not gonna commit suicide. It may happen from an accident, and this has happened before,” Caviezel said before alluding to an incident on “the feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel” in 2009.

On that day, July 16, a man “threw” a bicycle in front of Caviezel while he was riding his motorcycle on I-97, causing the then-40-year-old actor to be thrown from his bike, according to Washington State Patrol officer Rich Magnussen. His suffered only minor injuries, and the man responsible was charged with assault and reckless endangerment. 

“I’m not afraid of you. I’ve got the Blessed Mother, she’s with me … [and] our Lord Jesus Christ who I love with all my heart. I do not fear you at all. You should fear God,” Caviezel concluded.