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May 6, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — In the latest episode of The Bishop Strickland Show, Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, says that if he would ever face the unlikely situation of having to give Communion to Joe Biden, he would do the “appropriate thing” and refuse. “The greatest love is to remind people … [to] look into our hearts and see how we need to repent” before being worthy to receive Jesus Christ in the Holy Sacrament.

His Excellency calls for “the pastor’s approach” to make known to any pro-abortion “Catholic” politician or public figure that their words and actions are contrary to Church teaching. Strickland highlights how bishops and priests must say to them “not to receive Communion until you’ve reconciled those things that you disagree with.” He argues from the idea that every good and faithful Catholic must be concerned about the eternal salvation of others, and that receiving Communion in a state of mortal sin puts the soul in jeopardy.

Bishop Strickland mentions that pastors and shepherds of the Church are obliged “to share the truth” and not compromise with others who hold position against Catholic doctrine. He describes the importance of leading the faithful toward salvation, not damnation.

Strickland further says that followers of Christ must fully accept all His teachings, and not just those that are politically convenient. He illustrates how many people argue in favor of abortion by claiming that “Jesus never even mentioned abortion,” even though “He did say, ‘love you neighbor as you love yourself.’” His Excellency notes that when the unborn child is recognized as “our neighbor, then to embrace abortion is an outright rejection of Jesus Christ.”

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