DOVER, DE, March 25, 2014 ( – Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, the son of vice president Joe Biden, is moving to reinstate the license of an abortionist who participated in Kermit Gosnell's criminal enterprise.

Arturo Apolinario, medical director of Atlantic Women’s Medical Services (AWMS) in Wilmington and Dover, worked with Gosnell until officials suspended the convicted murderer's license in March 2010.

Biden originally argued that Apolinario “failed to adequately perform his duties as medical director, permitting Dr. Gosnell to engage in illegal and unethical behavior under his supervision and, ultimately, putting patients at grave risk.”


Apolinario was present with Gosnell in July 2008 when Gosnell began an abortion on a 17-year-old girl at the Wilmington facility.

Gosnell transported the girl, who was 29 weeks pregnant, to his West Philadelphia Women's Medical Society. The baby was delivered alive, murdered with scissors, and placed in a box “where he continued to move for some time until he died,” according to Beau Biden's original complaint.

Apolinario regularly allowed Gosnell to begin illegal abortions in Delaware before completing them in his “house of horrors.”

Those actions put “patients at grave risk for harm and catastrophic outcomes,” according to a license suspension order handed down on March 5, 2011. It was co-signed by the Delaware Secretary of State Jeffrey Bullock and the then-president of the state Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline Raymond L. Moore Sr.

Officials said Dr. Apolinario also wrote prescriptions from mid-2009 until February 2011 without a license, and permitted Gosnell to destroy or falsify paperwork.

But Deputy Attorney General Katisha Fortune told the medical licensing board that Biden's office feels “the three-year suspension already served by the doctor is appropriate.”


Apolinario's attorney insists his client is retired but would simply like his medical license reinstated.

Another abortionist at the Delaware facility, Albert Dworkin, also had his license suspended. It was subsequently reinstated.

The younger Biden, often spoken of as a rising national political force, allowed abortionist Dr. Timothy Liveright to get by with a fine of only $1,500 for running a filthy Planned Parenthood abortion facility described as a “meat-market.” Planned Parenthood subsequently reopened the facility.

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Dr. Apolinario's former abortion office experienced a different fate. AWMS owner Panzy Myrie announced she was selling the building in April 2011. Lutheran Community Services has purchased the facility and intends to turn the Wilmington abortion facility into a food bank.