LOS ANGELES, June 30, 2004 ( – In a remixed version of pop artist Usher’s new song called Confessions (remix), Hip-Hop artist Joe Budden suggests violent action against a mother when she is unwilling to abort her child.

Confessions (remix) includes lyrics such as:  …Pray that she abort that,  If she’s talkin’ ‘bout keepin’ it,  One hit to the stomach,  She’s leakin’ it…

Commenting on the lyrics, Day Gardner, director of Black Americans for Life, an outreach of the National Right to Life Committee, said, “These lyrics are demeaning and outright violent toward both women and unborn children.  It is appalling to suggest that a man attack a woman to cause the death of her unborn child.  As women and as mothers, we simply cannot allow ourselves or our unborn children to be treated as objects of such abuse.”

Black Americans for Life is urging African-Americans to call BMG Entertainment, the parent group of Usher’s record label LaFace/Zomba, to request that they pull support of the song and to call their local R &B/Hip-Hop stations to request that Confessions (remix) be pulled from their playlists and from the air.  Jhw