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NAPLES, Florida (LifeSiteNews) — LifeSiteNews’s own John-Henry Westen will be joining an important gathering of pro-life leaders and activists next week in the Sunshine State for brainstorming, fellowship, and refining strategies for more effectively advancing a pro-life culture.

As previously announced, March 20-22 will see the Law of Life Summit hold its second annual Pro-Life Retreat and Summit at New Hope Church in Naples, Florida. The event will feature a variety of training, learning, and worship excursions, as well as panel discussions, workshops, and speakers who will be covering everything from campaigns to sidewalk counseling to the legal and media dimensions of pro-life issues, as well as best practices for pro-life pregnancy centers.

Event organizers can now announce that LifeSite co-founder, CEO, and editor-in-chief John-Henry Westen will be joining Thomas More Society founder, president, and chief counsel Thomas Brejcha on Friday, March 22, for a session on “Defeating Lawfare.”

Other panel titles have now been announced as well, including “Intro to Sidewalk Advocacy” by Sidewalk Advocates for Life, “Winning at the Ballot Box” by the Leadership Institute, and “Reaching Abortion Minded-Women” a subject on which numerous participants will be weighing in. Savannah Evans from the pro-life group Live Action will be speaking as well.

Previously-confirmed speakers will include Father Michael Orsi, spiritual advisor to Action for Life; Lisa Barnette, executive producer of pro-life leader Abby Johnson’s next film Unthinkable; Scott Baier and Pam Stenzel of Community Pregnancy Clinics in Naples; First Care Women’s Clinic executive director Beau Heyman; Leadership Institute Senior Director of Coalitions Dena Espenscheid; Choose Life Marketing founder and president Nelly Roach; Nate Robertson and Linda Freire of Sidewalk Advocates for Life; and Jean Marie Davis, executive director of Branches Pregnancy Resource Center in Vermont, who will be sharing her story of overcoming homelessness and sex trafficking through the compassion of pro-life pregnancy support.

Additional details, including future updates and how to register for the Pro-Life Retreat and Summit, can be found at the event’s website.