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March 31, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – A Johns Hopkins School of Medicine professor has strongly criticized Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s chief medical advisor, for denying that the U.S. is approaching herd immunity from the coronavirus.

In an article published in the Wall Street Journal, Dr. Marty Makary called into question Fauci’s claim that “70% to 85% of the population” must be vaccinated against COVID-19 before herd immunity will be reached, positing that Fauci “inexplicably ignores natural immunity.”

Makary explained that data collected by the California Department of Public Health shows that “while only 8.7% of the state’s population has ever tested positive for COVID-19, at least 38.5% of the population has antibodies against the novel coronavirus.” Additionally, the report noted that “45% of people in Los Angeles had COVID-19 antibodies.” Makary pointed to this as evidence of closing in on herd immunity, claiming that these statistics explain why Los Angeles has seen a 95% drop in cases of the virus “and the positivity rate among those tested is now 1.7%.”

Speaking with Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade, Makary criticized Fauci’s broad influence in forwarding a “vaccination-only path” to herd immunity, saying it is not “healthy for a small group of people to be making all the public health recommendations. It's good to have multiple voices.” 

Makary highlighted the mechanism by which natural immunity might be achieved: “After you get the infection, your body develops antibodies. These are the same antibodies the vaccine is trying to trigger and create. When you have circulating antibodies, that means you have protection from the infection.”

“Reinfections are very rare. That means, [natural] immunity is real,” he said.

According to Makary, “[Fauci’s] job is to prepare us for a pandemic and tell us how to manage it. He mostly missed the pandemic for the two months prior, never prepared us, was wrong on masks,” Makary added.

Makary argued that if half the population has  natural immunity then there cannot be “a need for 75% to 80% of the population [to] get vaccinated to get to herd immunity.” He added that “[we] are there in nursing homes right now. Cases are down 98%.”

With the vaccine rollout in California still reaching fewer than 30 percent of the population, and with Fauci’s insistence on counting only those vaccinated to be immune, ignoring natural immunity, Makary noted that false conditions are thus created which provoke “a greater urgency for everyone to get vaccinated,” amounting to a “false justification for continued excessive restrictions on freedom.”

In an earlier op-ed, Makary suggested that, “based on laboratory data, mathematical data, published literature and conversations with experts,” he expects that COVID-19 “will be mostly gone by April, allowing Americans to resume normal life.”

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