NEW YORK, Feb 29 ( – The American Family Association (AFA) has sent the Johnson &  Johnson company a stern warning for “sponsoring shows advancing anti-Christian bigotry,  group sex, adultery and a rabid use of profanity aired during family viewing hours.”

AFA President Don Wildmon notes that a major boycott of the company is looming after Johnson & Johnson recently sponsored one episode of West Wing which was particularly offensive to parents as it focused on the murder of a homosexual at the hands of two 13-year-old Catholic boys. In NBC’s West Wing, the boys had allegedly stripped the victim naked, tied him to a tree, and forced him to say Hail Marys as they pelted him with rocks and bottles to the head.

When questioned about West Wing and other controversial program themes, Johnson & Johnson spokesman John McKeegan said, “We screen every show we’re on. [They] met with our internal standards. We decided that we would advertise on those shows.” McKeegan added, “We’ll still be supporting adult oriented shows as well.”  Wildmon noted Johnson & Johnson’s financial support of such programs counteracts its recent boast of funding the development of family-friendly shows on the WB network. “Their policy has a double standard, which basically amounts to no standard at all,” added Wildmon.

AFA encourages supporters to contact the company with their concerns:

Johnson & Johnson
Chairman Ralph S. Larsen
1 Johnson & Johnson Plaza
New Brunswick, NJ

Phone: 1-800-526-3967 (option 7)
Email: [email protected]