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Join the Men's March in Boston!The Men's March

BALTIMORE (The Men’s March) – The National Men’s March to Abolish Abortion and the Rally for Personhood will be held in Baltimore on Monday, November 14 where men, women, and families will gather and personally invite every U.S. Catholic bishop to join them to face reality, take responsibility, repent, and resolve to do more to abolish abortion.

Organizers sent a letter to every Catholic bishop in the U.S., inviting each to gather outside of the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront hotel (where they will already be convened for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Fall General Assembly) at 12:30 p.m to pray for the end of abortion with participants at the Rally for Personhood.

The National Men’s March has been held in other states including the first Men’s March in Washington, D.C., in June 2021, with the latest one being held in Boston, Massachusetts, with about 500 men participating last month.

Founded by Catholic radio host Jim Havens and prominent pro-life priest Father Stephen Imbarrato, the sole purpose of the marches is to bring about a total end of legal abortion in the United States.

The National Men’s March to Abolish Abortion and the Rally for Personhood is a “national initiative that Almighty God has stirred up in our time to combat the government-sanctioned, government-funded, government-protected, ongoing, daily mass murder of the preborn and grave exploitation of pregnant moms in need by the lie of abortion,” according to co-founder Havens, who is also the host of The Simple Truth radio program that airs on The Station of the Cross Catholic Media Network.

Havens continued: “Our nation urgently needs to affirm the constitutional personhood of every preborn child and begin the healing we so desperately need. The Men’s March and Rally is the next opportunity for everyone in the grassroots pro-life movement to lovingly rise up and come together as one in this great cause of our time.”

C/O: The Men’s March

The March is fully supported by national pro-life leaders, including Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, who attended the National Men’s March in Baltimore last year when he was one of only three U.S. bishops who came to pray with the participants, and the only bishop to actually march with the men.

Strickland said, “It is my firmly held conviction that abortion is the sin of our time and all of us will be judged according to how we responded to this atrocious attack on life. Those in positions of power who vehemently advocate for the murder of unborn children have been allowed to dominate our culture for too long. Let us pray that your Godly, manly efforts will help to turn our nation from this diabolical path. May St. Joseph and the Immaculate Virgin Mary intercede powerfully for these efforts to uphold the Sanctity of Life.”

C/O: The Men’s March

John Hinterlong of The Right to Life League in Los Angeles, California, who has attended multiple marches, said, “Coming together under The Men’s March banner has been a powerful and inspiring demonstration of how men taking action can begin to heal our nation. I encourage men of good will everywhere to stand up and protect the most innocent and defenseless among us, the unborn.”

Quotes from past participants

“I had no idea what I was signing up for when I went to the first Men’s March in D.C. I was humbled, enlightened, and motivated to do more for the preborn. Over the course of three marches I have met like-minded men with whom I still stay in touch. Men who support each other in standing up for the preborn and for being authentic Catholic men. I have been blessed beyond measure having taken part in The Men’s March.” – Paul D., Rochester, New York.

“Behind every abortion is a man. I am one of these men and after years of suppressing the decision or denial altogether I found healing and peace by participating in the Men’s Marches. I encourage all men affected by abortion to stand up and join the March!” – Frank C., Helotes, Texas.

“It was well thought out. The speakers were wonderful. I did more networking with other men. Went away with more ideas to act on at home.” – Bob S., Medina, New York.

“What I’ve seen these organizers carry out in the past was well planned and near miraculous… and a great example to young men. ‘As iron sharpens iron, so one man must sharpen another’ (Proverbs 27:17).” – Thomas W., Hollis, New Hampshire.

The National Men’s March to Abolish Abortion and the Rally for Personhood will be held Monday, November 14 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Baltimore, Maryland. There is a man connected to every abortion. Men are a big part of the problem, and it’s time for all men to take responsibility and step up to be a big part of the solution. All men, along with their sons, are encouraged to participate in the March (men in suits and priests in clerics) followed by a Rally where men, women, and children will gather in front of the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront, site of the USCCB Fall General Assembly.

For more information, schedule and details visit or text MENSMARCH to 22828 to get on the list for email updates.

The Station of the Cross Catholic Media Network will be broadcasting the next National Men’s March to Abolish Abortion and Rally for Personhood live on November 14 from 11am–2pm EST. You can watch or listen live on The Station of the Cross YouTube channel, Facebook page, or the iCatholicRadio mobile app.

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