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If even 1% of our readers donated even just a few dollars, it would be a total game-changer. Literally.
Wed Jun 18, 2014 - 9:49 pm EST
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Today LifeSite is launching its annual summer fundraising campaign. But this isn’t your typical fundraising campaign!

Recently, a generous LifeSite family approached us and offered to donate an extra $50,000 to our summer campaign, if we could convince 5,000 of our readers to donate ANY AMOUNT to our campaign by Friday, June 27.


Today, they are challenging you not only to step forward and make a donation, but also to reach out to your friends and family and encourage them to support truthful and hard-hitting pro-life and pro-family reporting.

If we’re going to reach our goal, it’s going to have to be a team effort!

(Click here to make a donation)

It’s true that for your typical mainstream media organization, $50,000 is just a drop in the bucket.

But for an independent news agency like us, functioning on a shoe-string budget, that’s a lot of money – money that we need to stay afloat until the next quarter, and to reach millions more people with the message of life and family!

Last year over 20 million people visited LSN, but only a fraction of a percentage supported our work with a donation. This family knows that that we need to do better, and that if even 1% of our readers donated even just a few dollars, it would be a total game-changer. Literally.

If even 1% of our readers donated even just a few dollars, it would be a total game-changer. Literally.

Personally I’m tired of the stranglehold that the anti-life and anti-family mainstream media has on the truth, and I know you are too. The demand for alternative media is increasing, and that’s why news sources like LifeSite exist.

In the past few years we have been growing by leaps and bounds. And that growth comes thanks only to the fact that readers like you have adopted LSN as your trusted news source.

Truly, we view readers like you as members of the LifeSite family.

Your desire to hear the truth and to act on it inspires us to keep going, your prayers are the crutch we lean on when things get tough, and your faithful financial support is the means we rely on to survive to the next quarter.

For the past 17 years we have relied almost exclusively on dedicated readers like you…and you have never let us down!

However, even with 2-3 million people coming to our site each month, getting to 5,000 donations in the next week and a half is not going to be easy!

The only way we can possibly reach that goal is if readers like you stop what you’re doing, and make a donation today.

So, don’t miss this opportunity to support your news service. And if you donate by June 27, your donation goes even further.

It’s really that simple. You donate ANY AMOUNT, and we receive an extra $50,000!

Last summer, we raised nearly $200,000 with the help of over 4,300 donations. This year we must raise at least $225,000 and we are hoping to do that with the help of 5,000 donors. We know you can help us accomplish this!

You can also make a donation by phone at 888-678-6008 ext. 0.

Please be as generous as you possibly can!

God Bless,

John Jalsevac
Managing Editor

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