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Jordan Petersonscreenshot/YouTube/Ben Shapiro

(LifeSiteNews) — Popular Canadian psychologist and cultural analyst Jordan Peterson has called for Canadians living in Quebec to “resist” a new draconian COVID curfew enacted by the province’s premier.

“Here’s a shock. But Quebec in this benighted and cowardly country of mine has just initiated a curfew. And banned private gatherings. Resist, Montreal! Take to the streets at 10:00 pm tonight. Defy this appalling law! Or lose more freedom to the bureaucrats,” tweeted Peterson on New Year’s Eve.

Peterson was replying to a tweet from conservative American commentator Ben Shapiro, who wrote, “Almost as though this entire panic has been utterly unjustifiable by available evidence.”

Shapiro’s tweet was in turn in response to a tweet from Dr. Scott Gottlieb, which showed that the omicron variant may be peaking in the U.K. and that the hospitalization rates from COVID are steady despite record-high case numbers.

Peterson called for civil disobedience in another tweet on New Year’s Eve, as well.

“Come on Montrealers! Have some courage! Defy these prohibitions,” tweeted Peterson.

The Premier of Québec announced on December 30 that the province would be enacting a COVID curfew. No one except emergency workers are allowed out of their homes after 10 p.m. unless it’s for an emergency.

Since admitting his “stupid” decision to get the jabs, Peterson has come out more vocally against both COVID lockdowns and jab mandates.

Peterson wrote on Twitter Tuesday regarding new lockdowns announced by Ontario Premier Doug Ford yesterday, “The cure continues to get much worse than the disease.”

On December 24, in response to the premier of Québec announcing COVID restrictions limiting gatherings to only 10 people, Peterson had tweeted, “Limiting private gatherings.’ Jesus wept. What have we become?”

On Christmas Eve, Peterson blasted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pre-Christmas message that said people should put COVID “booster” jabs on their “shopping” list.

“Up yours @JustinTrudeau. Seriously. You’d have to kill me first,” tweeted Peterson on Christmas Eve in response to Trudeau’s tweet.

Peterson said he got the COVID jabs because he thought doing so would mean the government would leave him “alone.”

“Look, I got vaccinated and people took me to task for that and I thought, all right, I’ll get the damn vaccine,” Peterson told Dave Rubin in November 2021, while speaking out against government COVID rules. “Here’s the deal guy, I’ll get the vaccine, you f–king leave me alone. And did that work? No, so stupid me, you know, that’s how I feel about it.”