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(LifeSiteNews) — Anti-woke Canadian psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson slammed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government at the start of “Pride” month, saying that in his view it is really a “celebration of casual hedonistic self-centered sex” and not a “celebration of love.”

“Dear @JustinTrudeauand @liberal_party: The celebration of casual hedonistic self-centered sex is not the celebration of love,” Peterson wrote June 1 on X.

“Pride is not a festival of love. It’s a festival of pride. That’s why it’s called Pride.”

Peterson, who has spoken out against both “Pride” month as well as radical LGBT ideology on numerous occasions, said that he believes “people when they say what they mean” in terms of them being prideful about “pride.”

“And now it’s a whole bloody season,” he noted, adding that its now just “Not a parade. Not a day. Not a week. Not a month,” but an entire “season.”

Trudeau’s official prime minister social media account’s June 1 posting read, “As festivities and events kick off #PrideSeason, we continue to stand with 2SLGBTQI+ communities and allies and work toward building an inclusive future where everyone is free to be who they are and love who they love — openly and proudly. #Pride2024.”

On Monday, Trudeau attended a “Pride” flag-raising ceremony in Ottawa.

Peterson observed that in his view the reason for “pride” has taken over a whole month is because society, with the backing of woke governments, has allowed “self-absorbed narcissists have no limits” to promote a “hedonistic” lifestyle.

“The outer edge of no limits is where the real monsters live,” he said, adding that this serves as a “warning” to society.

The Trudeau government has gone all in on radical transgender ideology, including the so-called “transitioning” of minors, while at the same time introducing laws that on the surface appear to be about helping children.

It has also gone all in promoting transgenderism and gender ideology, as can be seen from its federal “2SLGBTQI+ Action Plan,” which gives $100 million in funding over five years for homosexual and transgender initiatives.

While Conservative Canadian politicians have been silent in opposing the excess of Pride celebrations taking place, People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier expressed his displeasure with the federal government of Trudeau’s promotion of “Pride season.”

He said, as reported by LifeSiteNews yesterday, that Canadians “don’t care” about it and are sick and tired of having to face “this nonsense (pride month) shoved in our face for a whole season.”

As for Peterson, he recently accused Trudeau of going along with the “worst medical scandal ever” after continuing to promote transgender ideology by not banning puberty blockers for children with gender confusion.