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Jordan Peterson debating left-wing political commentator Steven 'Destiny' Bonnell Jordan B. Peterson / YouTube

U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates

(LifeSiteNews) — Prominent Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson’s COVID vaccine debate with a left-wing online political commentator has gone viral on social media.

During a March 21 episode of the Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Podcast, Peterson debated left-wing live streamer Steven Bonnell II, known as Destiny, on various issues including mRNA COVID vaccines and mandates.  

“There’s more negative effects reported from the mRNA vaccine than there were from every single vaccine ever created since the dawn of time,” Peterson stated during the interview, a fact supported by the CDC’s own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).   

The debate has since gone viral, with many clipping portions of the debate on social media while social media influencers have posted videos reacting to the interview.   

During the discussion, Bonnell argued that none of the fears conservatives had regarding the COVID vaccine had come true, such as mass deaths following the vaccine rollout.   

However, Peterson countered Bonnell’s claim, pointing out that excess deaths have skyrocketed in countries where the mRNA vaccines were administered en masse. 

“One relatively straightforward hypothesis [to explain excess mortality is that it is] a consequence of the disruption of the healthcare system, the staving off of cancer treatment, et cetera,” Peterson admitted. “The increase in depression, anxiety, suicidality, and alcoholism that was a consequence of the lockdowns, the economic disruption.”

“But the other obviously glaring possibility is that injecting billions of people with a vaccine that was not tested by any stretch of the imagination with the thoroughness that it should of before it was forced upon people, also might be a contributing factor,” Peterson declared.  

Peterson also argued that while vaccines have been mandated in the past, “We did it on a scale and at a rate during the COVID pandemic, so-called pandemic, that was unparalleled.”  

“And the consequence of that was that we injected billions of people with an experimental – it wasn’t a bloody vaccine,” he said.  

Peterson pointed out that the mRNA vaccines were a “radically transformed form of vaccine.”  

He explained that the technology was “so new that the potential danger of its mass administration was highly probable to be at least or more dangerous than the thing that it was supposed to protect against. And we are seeing that in the excess deaths.”   

Peterson further stated that the vaccines were not effective in preventing the transmission of COVID, as they had been previously advertised to do.  

In response, Bonnell argued that officials did not claim that the vaccine would completely prevent transmission, but rather United States President Joe Biden mentioned it in one speech.  

However, Peterson, a Canadian, reminded Bonnell that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau prevented the unvaccinated from traveling under the pretense that doing so was a protective measure against the spread of COVID. 

“Do you know that our Prime Minister in Canada deprived Canadians of the right to travel for some six months because the unvaccinated were going to transmit COVID with more likelihood than the vaccinated?” he questioned.   

“So this wasn’t one bloody statement, this was a thorough government policy in my country,” he insisted.   

Bonnell, however, continued to deny the dangers of the vaccine, arguing that no “credible” source or “huge institution” has exposed the dangers of the vaccine.   

“What do you make of the excess deaths?” Peterson pressed in response.  

“I don’t even know if there are 20 percent excess deaths in Europe right now,” Bonnell replied, attributing the rise in deaths to an overwhelmed healthcare system, the war in Ukraine, and a “rise in energy costs.”  

“But isn’t it possible that any of it could be unintended consequences of a novel technology injected into billions of people?” Peterson countered.   

Peterson’s argument is well-supported by recent studies which reveal excess deaths have skyrocketed around the world since the rollout of the COVID vaccines.  

Side effects linked to the rollout of the experimental jabs include upticks in heart, brain and blood diseases, among others issues. 

Additionally, numerous studies and many thousands of scientists and leading health professionals, including Nobel Prize winners and medics, have testified to the unprecedented level of injuries and deaths following and resulting from the COVID injections.  

The latest conservative estimate is that over 17 million worldwide died from receiving the injections making this the worst man-caused medical catastrophe in history. 

U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates