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Doug Ford in Sudbury

(LifeSiteNews) — Well-known Canadian psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson accused Ontario Premier Doug Ford of siding with “child mutilators” for refusing to put forth a law like Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s forthcoming legislation that will ban doctors from surgically or chemically “transitioning” children.

“You should be ashamed of yourself @fordnation,” wrote Peterson on X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday, in a post that included a link to a Toronto Star report explaining why Ford chose not to follow Smith’s lead.

“I say this knowing full well that you are preferable to your political alternatives, But this is an inexcusable act of cowardice.”

Peterson then continued, saying to Ford, “You have literally taken the side of the child mutilators in the name of a false compassion that detests everything you and the conservatives hypothetically stand for.”

Last week, Ford said to reporters when asked if he would follow Smith’s lead on banning transgender surgeries for minors that he would not take “any similar action” in his province.

“We have a law here, we’re leaving everything alone,” said Ford, who in essence has chosen to go along with the mainstream narrative that surgically or chemically altering a child’s body to try and be something other than one’s sex is somehow a form of “care.”

On January 31, Smith announced what is perhaps the strongest pro-family legislation in Canada, protecting kids from life-altering so-called “top and bottom” surgeries as well as other extreme forms of transgender ideology.

Smith said her United Conservative Party (UCP) government will soon be introducing legislation that, if passed, would bar doctors in the province from medically or surgically “transitioning” children under age 17. The new legislation will also mandate parental consent for pronoun changes in school. Coming in the fall will be additional legislation that bans men who claim to be women from competing in women’s sports.

Alberta’s forthcoming regulations include a ban on so-called “top” surgeries (mastectomies, breast constructions) as well as “bottom” surgeries (vaginoplasties, phalloplasties) for children 17 and under. Puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones are also restricted to those age 16 and older but only with parental consent.

As for Ford, last week his office in a statement to the Toronto Star said that he was “clear that our focus remains on delivering on the commitments we made during the campaign.”

“Which doesn’t include replicating the changes the Alberta government unveiled last week,” the office added.

LifeSiteNews has launched a Voter Voice campaign thanking Smith for her lead in banning doctors from surgically or chemically “transitioning” children.

Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) praised Smith’s decision to introduce legislation to ban doctors from chemically or surgically “transitioning” children, calling it a “political miracle.”