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(LifeSiteNews) — Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson said he will launch a pro-family international consortium as an alternative to the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF), which he said offers the world nothing but an “apocalyptic narrative.”

Peterson announced his new alternative to the WEF this past Saturday while appearing on Joe Rogan’s podcast show.

According to Peterson, his new consortium will invite around 2,000 people from politics, business, and other public figures, and will be held in London this October and into November.

He said that he wants his meeting to be open to the public with membership in the group open to all as well.

Peterson said the goal of the meeting is to offer an “alternative to that kind of apocalyptic narrative that’s being put forward at least implicitly by organizations like the WEF.”

It will also look into encouraging “long-term monogamous couples who are child-centered and to make increasing the birth rate part of that policy.”

“You don’t get to save the planet by making energy prices so expensive that no one poor can afford them. That’s off the table,” Peterson said.

He also noted that “you don’t get to impose your utopian vision in the service of your narcissism on the poor.”

“We’re going to try to make the poor rich — try to alleviate poverty,” he added.

Peterson has before called out the WEF and other globalist groups.

Last year, he said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the “poster boy for the Klaus Schwab and WEF (World Economic Forum) types.”

He also compared Trudeau with “the halfwit cliché mongers like Klaus Schwab.”

The WEF is a globalist organization with radical plans created by global elites that seeks to “push the reset button on the global economy” and establish a New World Order.

The current Canadian federal government under Trudeau is an ally of the WEF.

This makes sense after Schwab, the WEF founder, said in 2017, “What we are very proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister (Justin) Trudeau … We penetrate the cabinet. So yesterday I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau, and I know that half of his cabinet, or even more than half of his cabinet, are actually Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum.”

At this year’s World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, which Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland under Trudeau attended, the Canadian government announced it will join the global “First Movers” climate coalition, a WEF-linked initiative started by U.S. President Joe Biden.

Peterson has been critical of the green climate change agenda being pushed by Trudeau and groups such as the WEF.

He noted that his new consortium will investigate how to “get energy and resources at the lowest possible cost as rapidly as possible to the largest number of people around the world.”

Peterson has faced mounting opposition from many in elite circles in Canadian academia, but that has not deterred him from speaking his mind.

Yesterday, he gave a successful anti-woke speech to thousands in Ottawa despite attempts from dozens of groups trying to stop the event.

Peterson was an outspoken critic of COVID mandates put in place by all levels of government in Canada, notably so last year during the Freedom Convoy.

Several weeks ago, he said he would not be “fooled” into getting another COVID shot after Canada’s top doctor said Canadians need a sixth booster jab.

Recently, Peterson has been in a battle with the Ontario College of Psychologists after the organization said he must undergo social media “retraining.”

Many Canadians, including Conservative Party of Canada leader Pierre Poilievre, have come to Peterson’s defense. Hundreds recently gathered at a rally in Toronto in front of the Ontario College of Psychologists building in support of Peterson.