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(LifeSiteNews) — Canadian psychologist and cultural commentator Jordan Peterson said he would not be “fooled” into getting another COVID shot after Canada’s top doctor said Canadians need a sixth booster jab.  

“How about ‘over my dead body,’” Peterson tweeted Friday in response to Chief Public Health Officer of Canada Dr. Theresa Tam saying last Friday that Canadians should get their sixth booster shot.  

“We still have a ways to go,” Tam said, in terms of trying to make Canadians get yet another COVID shot, noting that “even for the 65-plus population,” uptake for boosters is low.   

Peterson last week also tweeted that he would not be fooled into taking the jab again as Tam called for more shots to “deal with a surge of COVID.”  

“I got vaccinated because I naively believed the woke force-mongers would leave me the hell alone thereafter. Fool me once… ” Peterson tweeted last Thursday. 

He made the comments in response to a post on Twitter from Dr. Eli David, who bills himself as having a top 100 “Most Influential Twitter Accounts.”  

David tweeted last Wednesday, “I got Covid shots in 2021, because I believed the claimed clinical trial results, and trusted the FDA.” 

“But looking at mountains of evidence since, I no longer think I made the right decision. These shots are much more dangerous and much less effective than claimed,” he added.  

David’s and Peterson’s comments regarding the COVID shots come shortly after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released COVID vaccine safety data that shows “highly concerning” proof of adverse effects stemming from the mRNA-based jabs. 

All of the mRNA jabs approved for use in Canada and the U.S. use a spike protein that has been linked to health issues.   

Even one of the world’s richest men, Elon Musk, has raised concerns over COVID jab safety.  

Over the weekend, Musk said he suffered from “major side effects” after he got the “second booster shot” of the COVID jabs. 

Dr. Peter McCullough has said that the COVID jabs have caused a wave of “vaccine-induced myocarditis.”  

After a large uptake of the COVID shots, incidents of professional athletes, actors and singers, TV news anchors, and reporters having on or off-air sudden medical incidents, either heart attacks or strokes, have seemingly become more commonplace. Unfortunately, many of these incidents have resulted in death.  

As for Peterson’s recent comments, they are not the first time the best-selling author has blasted the COVID jabs. 

In November 2021, Peterson admitted he made a “stupid” decision to get the “damn” COVID shots because he thought doing so would mean the government would leave him “alone.” 

Later, toward the end of the year, he said, “You’d have to kill me first” after slamming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s call for booster shots.  

Recently, Peterson has been in a battle with the Ontario College of Psychologists after the organization said he must undergo social media “retraining.” 

Many Canadians, including Conservative Party of Canada leader Pierre Poilievre, have come to Peterson’s defense. Hundreds recently gathered at a rally in Toronto in front of the Ontario College of Psychologists building to support of Peterson.  

Peterson was an outspoken critic of COVID mandates put in place by all levels of government in Canada, notably so last year during the Freedom Convoy.  

All of the COVID jabs approved for use in Canada are still experimental, with clinical trials not being completed until 2023.  

LifeSiteNews reported earlier this week about a group called the Canadian COVID Care Alliance (CCCA), which released a video series highlighting stories of those harmed by the experimental COVID-19 vaccines. 

Geert Vanden Bossche, who is a former senior officer of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, made waves in 2021 after issuing an open letter as well as video that warned of a “global catastrophe without equal” over the mass acceptance and administering of the experimental COVID-19 jabs.