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Send a message to your MP and Senators urging them to stop Trudeau’s ‘Online Harms Act’

(LifeSiteNews) — Prominent Canadian anti-woke psychologist Jordan Peterson warned that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Online Harms Act bill would lead to his criminalization.

In a February 29 post on X, formerly known as Twitter, Peterson blasted Bill C-63, the Trudeau government’s latest legislation that could severely punish Canadians for posts defined as “hate speech.”

“Under Bill C-63, my criminalization would be a certainty,” he warned. “@JustinTrudeau Don’t think this is going unnoticed. You will be held accountable.”

Under the proposed legislation, Peterson could be taken to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal for every post he has ever published that could be considered “hate speech.” Each complaint could be individually filed for free.

The complaint could result in either a $20,000 fine payable to the complainant or a $50,000 fine payable to the government.

Already, Peterson has been targeted for refusing to use woke language by publicly refusing to use “gender-neutral” pronouns in 2017.

In January, Peterson lost his appeal of an administrative board’s decision to compel him to undergo mandatory re-education, meaning that he must attend the training or risk losing his license to practice psychology in Ontario.

Aside from his professional practice, Peterson has become independently wealthy and successfully independent of his psychological practice, which he was forced to close in 2017.

Since the 2017 controversy, Peterson has become an outspoken critic of Canada’s increasingly totalitarian government and a staunch supporter of free speech. Much of Peterson’s approach focuses on calling people, especially young men, to accept and take on personal responsibility.

However, Trudeau’s new legislation could punish Peterson for every post or video he has ever made if it’s deemed “hate speech.”

Bill C-63 will create the Online Harms Act and modify existing laws, amending the Criminal Code as well as the Canadian Human Rights Act, in what the Liberals claim will target certain cases of internet content removal, notably those involving child sexual abuse and pornography.

According to the Trudeau government, Bill C-63 aims to protect kids from online harms and crack down on non-consensual deep-fake pornography involving children and will target seven types of online harms, such as hate speech, terrorist content, incitement to violence, the sharing of non-consensual intimate images, child exploitation, cyberbullying and inciting self-harm.

As part of the new bill, the Trudeau Liberals are looking to increase punishments for existing hate propaganda offenses in a substantial manner.

A top constitutional lawyer warned LifeSiteNews that the legislation will allow a yet-to-be-formed digital safety commission to conduct “secret commission hearings” against those found to have violated the law, raising “serious concerns for the freedom of expression” of Canadians online.

The proposed commission’s ombudsperson, along with the other offices, will be charged with dealing with public complaints regarding online content as well as put forth a regulatory function in a five-person panel “appointed by the government.” This panel will be charged with monitoring internet platform behaviors to hold people “accountable.”

Most concerning is that the new law would allow anyone to file a complaint against another person with the Canadian Human Rights Commission for “posting hate speech online” that is deemed “discriminatory” against a wide range of so-called protected categories, notably gender, race, sexuality, or other areas.

Penalties for violations of the proposed law include $20,000 fines and jail time.

Send a message to your MP and Senators urging them to stop Trudeau’s ‘Online Harms Act’