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(LifeSiteNews) – Bestselling Canadian author Jordan Peterson tweeted on Tuesday that the Ontario College of Psychologists (OCP) has “demanded” that he “submit [himself] to mandatory social-media communication retraining” or he will lose his license to practice psychology in the province.

Peterson added in his Twitter thread that he had been “accused of harming people” but that none of the people who accused him of harm had been his clients.

If the world-famous intellectual wants to keep his license to practice clinical psychology in Ontario, he will have to “take a course” where he will be trained to use social media in a way that does not “harm” people.

Peterson also said that if he were to “comply with the terms of [his] re-education” that the “punishment will be announced publicly.”

Elon Musk replied to Peterson’s tweet with two exclamations marks, expressing his surprise and concern at the revelation.

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Peterson is using the incident as an opportunity to warn his fellow Canadians, saying that this sort of censorious oversight extends to all professions.

He stated: “Canadians: your physicians, lawyers, psychologists and other professionals are now so intimidated by their commissar overlords that they fear to tell you the truth. This means that your care and legal counsel has been rendered dangerously unreliable.”

The Edmonton-born psychologist stated that he believes he is being disciplined for remarks he made in support of Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre and against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Today, he tweeted an update of the details of the official process he is expected to undergo.


Peterson said that he plans “to make all the allegations and my responses as public as possible while abiding by the ethical and legal restrictions on doing so (and least insofar as those rules are clear and commensurate with truth and a reasonable defence.)”

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He tweeted screen caps of the documents given to him by the OCP  with the introduction “Here are the demands made of me with regard to my re-education. I have formally indicated my refusal to comply.”

Particular emphasis was put on the final three demands, which Peterson tweeted specifically.

Point 25 of the communication from the OCP stipulates that Peterson agrees that if he is unable to “satisfy all the terms” that is fate will be at the “discretion of the Registrar.”

Peterson also made it known that he is prepared to attend the coaching sessions and report exactly what is taught as a way to expose the OCP “if it becomes necessary.”