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Josh Alexander talking to a police officer near Parliament Hill in downtown Ottawa during the 2023 National March for LifeRob Primo / Twitter

OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) — Pro-life and pro-family Catholic high school student Josh Alexander was recently hassled by police at the National March for Life while trying to join the rally on Parliament Hill.

In video footage released Thursday, Alexander — who was infamously suspended from his Catholic high school and arrested after refusing to compromise on the reality of the two sexes — can be seen trying to enter Parliament Hill in downtown Ottawa to join fellow pro-lifers at the annual march, when he is temporarily held up by officers of the Parliamentary Protective Service.

While walking through the gate into Parliament Hill, a number of police officers can be seen obstructing Alexander from passing through, with one officer continually shouting “Out!” to the young man.

“Get your hands off me,” Alexander replies as the officer touches the young man in an attempt to prevent him from continuing on.

As the officer continues to shout “Out!” and Alexander continues to tell the officer to stop touching him, two additional male officers join their colleague in obstructing the 16-year-old.

The officers inform Alexander that he has a “trespass” notice filed against him that prohibits his entry onto Parliament Hill, to which Alexander and those with him inform the officers that this is not the case.

“You need to figure out your intel,” Alexander tells the one officer, as the man recording the interaction explains that Alexander is not currently under a trespass order for the area and that he has mistaken the young man for his brother, Nick, who, along with Josh, was arrested near Parliament Hill earlier this year for protesting a drag show targeting children.

As the situation escalates, Alexander shows his identification to the one officer, as upwards of five additional officers arrive to talk to the teenager.

Alexander and others with him do eventually manage to explain to the police officers that any trespass order that may have been issued against him or his brother Nick would have expired by now, as the orders only last one hundred days and the aforementioned incident took place in early February.

Finally, Alexander and his friends are able to ascend onto Parliament Hill, but not before Alexander asks one of the particularly hostile officers for his badge number, which he declines to provide.

As reported by LifeSiteNews, this is far from Alexander’s first run in with the police, both in Ottawa and elsewhere in Ontario.

After Alexander was indefinitely suspended for protesting against gender ideology at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Renfrew, Ontario, the 16-year-old was served with a trespass notice barring him from attending class.

When Alexander showed up to school anyway after the initial suspension period was over, he was arrested.

Since then, Alexander has submitted a formal human rights complaint against the school board, alleging the school system has discriminated against him based on his religious beliefs.

In support of Alexander, Liberty Coalition Canada has planned an “I Stand with Josh Alexander” international walkout protest on May 17, encouraging those around the world to stand in peaceful solidarity with the young man.