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(LifeSiteNews) – Prominent anti-woke psychologist Jordan Peterson recently spoke with Josh Alexander, a pro-family student activist, to discuss how to Canada can be saved from the LGBT mob.  

On November 23, Peterson released his latest podcast episode, “The Future of Canada,” featuring 17-year-old Josh Alexander and his brother Nick, who have been targeted for standing up for their Christian beliefs, particularly that there are only two genders.  

“You look at our culture today and the number one thing that’s under attack is the nuclear family,” Josh told Peterson.  

While Josh is well-known for his pro-family activism against LGBT indoctrination in schools, he revealed that he first began to face discipline from his school for his support of the 2022 Freedom Convoy.  

The Freedom Convoy was a nationwide protest against COVID regulations. Truckers drove from across the country to form a convoy which eventually ended at Parliament in Ottawa. The truckers were joined by pro-freedom Canadians from all over the country who protested in Ottawa until Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act and police drove them out a couple weeks after their arrival.  

After attending the protests in Ottawa, then-15-year-old Josh was emboldened and determined to stage a walkout at St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Renfrew, Ontario to protest mask mandates.  

“We’d have about 50 students coming out from the 300-student school, and then we’d have crowds outside from parents and stuff supporting,” Josh recalled.  

Following his pro-freedom activism, Josh began to speak out against LGBT indoctrination in schools, using Scripture to support his beliefs.   

Then-16-year-old Josh became famous for refusing to cave to LGBT ideology in his school and for speaking out against male students entering female bathrooms. Josh refused to back down from his beliefs and was indefinitely suspended from St. Joseph’s Catholic School, rendering him unable to graduate.    

In addition to his suspension, both Josh’s parents have been suspended from their Ontario School Board jobs.  

Nick Alexander arrested after Antifa attacked him 

Josh’s older brother Nick recounted the recent attack he survived at a pro-family protest in Toronto on September 22. Nick told Peterson that he had been sharing the Gospel with protestors when he was suddenly attacked by masked Antifa members.  

Nick recalled that his vision was “blurred” by blood running down his face after being hit just above the eye by an Antifa protestor with what Nick believes was a “bladed glove.”  

However, instead of arresting the assailant, an officer told Nick, “If you don’t leave, I’m going to arrest you.” When Nick refused to leave, arguing that he had a right to protest and had not violated any laws, police arrested him.   

“They told me it was breach of the peace, and they told the crowd that it was for assault,” Nick recalled. After being held for hours, despite his continuing bleeding, police released Nick and dropped all charges.  

However, far from being discouraged by this, the Alexander brothers revealed that they are more than ever determined to stand up for the truth in Canada. 

“What do you see yourselves doing couple years down the road?” Peterson questioned.   

“It’s really about where the Lord wants me,” Josh said, explaining that prayer and his relationship with God guide his life.