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Photograph of Nick Alexander being taken away by Toronto police at a pro-family protest on September 22, 2023CarymaRules / X

TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) — Video footage posted online shows Toronto police arresting a bloodied Nick Alexander, the older brother of 17-year-old student activist Josh Alexander, along with an elderly veteran, at a pro-family protest against LGBT indoctrination in schools.  

Video footage from the September 22 event shows Nick Alexander being carted off by police while his face is covered in blood after he was reportedly attacked by LGBT activists and Antifa members outside a Toronto high school. 

“My brother’s face is pouring blood,” Josh told a police officer at the event. “I warned you ten minutes before it happened. You refused to do your job. I need to speak to an officer.”  

The footage shows police officers seeming to ignore Josh’s request and refusing to respond to him. Nick was ultimately cuffed and placed in a paddy wagon where he was driven away as his face continued to bleed.  

According to event co-organizer Chris Elston, known online as Billboard Chris, Nick’s injury is a result of him being punched in the face by LGBT activists. He was also reportedly hit over the head with a metal stick earlier in the day.  

“The person who punched him didn’t get arrested,” Elston said. “This is par for the course in Canada. This is what happens all the time.” 

Nick was not the only pro-family protestor to be arrested. According to Rebel News footage, police also arrested Bill Riddel, a peaceful veteran, who refused to leave Nick after he was openly bleeding after being reportedly assaulted by LGBT protesters.  

Pro-family protestors at the event attested that Riddel was assaulted by LGBT activists multiple times at the protest.  

Furthermore, Josh told independent media outlet Media Bezirgan that police refused to intervene on behalf of the pro-family protestors when LGBT activists became violent and instead retreated, despite hundreds of them being in the area.  

While LGBT activists and Antifa members, a far-left domestic terrorist group, physically pushed their way into the pro-family protest, police drove by without stopping to help. 

“Keep it peaceful,” Josh said through a megaphone as LGBT protestors clashed with members of his organization “Save Canada.” 

Nick’s location and the current state of his condition is currently unknown by LifeSiteNews.

LifeSiteNews reached out to Josh Alexander for an update, but has yet to receive a reply.

Correction: Nicolas Alexander is Josh Alexander’s older brother, not his younger brother as LifeSiteNews previously reported.