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DETROIT (LifeSiteNews) — A Michigan Circuit Court judge has issued a potentially landmark decision in a case involving a man who says he was injured by Remdesivir. 

According to his lawyers, Dan Nowacki of metro Detroit suffered two strokes and had his leg amputated in 2021 days after receiving multiple doses of Remdesivir that were produced by Gilead Sciences.

Under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act, manufacturers of Remdesivir and vaccines for the COVID-19 virus are legally protected from liability if individuals experience physical harm from their products. 

The judge’s decision, which was handed down last week, ruled that Gilead is not shielded by the PREP Act, a move that is likely to increase the possibility of future class actions lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies. 

Nowacki is in his 80s and lived an active life with his wife before being administered Remdesivir at St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea Hospital on the east side of Michigan. He is now confined to a wheelchair.

Nowacki’s attorney Ven Johnson of Johnson Law said in a press conference last week that the hospital took several months to confirm he was given two doses of Remdesivir that contained microscopic glass shards.

Gilead Sciences produced the drug, which is known as Veklury in its intravenous form. In December of 2021, Gilead issued a voluntary recall of reportedly 55,000 vials of Veklury after admitting they had glass particulates in them. 

Both St. Joseph Hospital and Gilead argued in court that they were protected by the PREP Act, but the judge rejected their arguments. 

“You didn’t get FDA approval to put glass particulates in this medication,” Johnson said last week. “You had the medication that was approved, never the glass particulates. So, you do not have drug immunity.” 

Johnson specified that Nowacki’s lawsuit seeks to find out why patients at St. Joseph were not informed about the glass in Gilead’s vaccine. 

“It took the hospital nearly five months after they knew, or should have known, that the Remdesivir was contaminated with glass particulates and never contacted our clients.” 

“They know they screwed up somewhere, that’s why they took it off the market,” he remarked. “You would think that Gilead would step up and do the right thing. And come to this family and help this family as opposed to simply playing the lawsuit game.” 

This past Sunday, medical freedom activists protested outside three Michigan hospitals to draw attention to the fatal effects Remdesivir had on their loved ones. Laurie Madigan serves as the co-chair of the Michigan chapter of the FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation. She told LifeSite she is “elated” to see the case move forward. 

“My husband was given Remdesivir and subsequently died on January 5, 2022. The hospital will not disclose the batch numbers to me. This drug is lethal! It failed the Ebola trials and is responsible for many deaths, including my husband’s.” 

The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation is actively seeking persons whose family members died after being administered Remdesivir in order to tell their story for their COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project. If you are comfortable reaching out, call (616) 710-1103 or visit the group’s website here. They are also seeking to file a class action wrongful death lawsuit.