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(LifeSiteNews) — A judge has thwarted the efforts of the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) to hide emails written by gender-confused U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health Admiral Richard “Rachel” Levine that have a bearing on litigation meant to block an Alabama law prohibiting “sex changes” for minors.  

After Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed into law legislation to protect gender-confused children from harmful surgical and chemical interventions, a group of five families with children who allegedly identify as “transgender” challenged the law as “unconstitutional.” The DOJ joined the plaintiffs’ lawsuit, thereby opening the door for Levine’s emails and other documents to be examined by the defendants in the case.  

Levine has long been an outspoken promoter of transgender interventions for minors. Before becoming a public figure, he was a pediatrician specializing in so-called “LGBTQ medicine.”

The Biden administration’s DOJ had been stonewalling Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall’s requests for Levine’s communications, maintaining that Levine’s “work is too broad and high level for searches of her [sic] email account or documents to result in relevant information pertaining to this lawsuit.”  

In its motion to obtain Levine’s records, Marshall’s team countered, “It is not hyperbole to say that Admiral Levine is the leading public-facing official in the United States government when it comes to transitioning treatments [sic] for minors.”  

U.S. District Court Judge Liles Burke ruled in Alabama’s favor: “Given that Adm. Levine is a public official, the Court rests this finding in part on the parties’ representation that the production would neither interfere with her [sic] official duties nor burden her [sic] personally.”    

“I am glad the court granted our motion to require HHS to search Admiral Levine’s emails for documents relevant to our defense of Alabama’s law,” wrote Marshall in a statement on X. 

Levine has been at the forefront of the Biden Administration’s reckless promotion of sex-modification procedures for children.  

There is no doubt about that, nor about the Admiral’s close involvement with radical organizations like WPATH whose ‘Standards of Care’ mandate the use of sterilizing hormones and surgeries to ‘treat’ vulnerable children suffering from gender dysphoria.  

“We look forward to reviewing the documents HHS produces as we continue to defend Alabama’s children,” added the state’s chief law enforcement officer.   

Alabama’s “Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act” (SB 184) outlaws “prescribing or administering” hormones and puberty blockers to gender-confused minors under age 19 and also bans sterilizing “sex change” surgeries and other procedures to remove “healthy or non-diseased body part[s] or tissue” of a child, as previously reported by LifeSiteNews.  

Last year, Levine asserted that Americans must “empower” children to undergo transgender hormonal and surgical interventions.  

Earlier this year, he said that moves by states to enact laws banning so-called “sex changes” for minors are “unconscionable” and declared that “gender-affirming” interventions for children are supported “at the highest levels” of the Biden administration.  

In July, the 66-year-old gender-confused man claimed that hormones are necessary for children who feel that they are “going through the wrong puberty.”