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SACRAMENTO, California, April 29, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – A California family has been granted a little more time to keep their two-year-old boy alive as his hospital plans to remove his life support.

On Thursday, a federal court gave Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLDF) a restraining order enjoining Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Sacramento from withdrawing two-year-old Israel Stinson’s life support through the weekend.

The Pacific Justice Institute worked with LLDF on the order, giving Israel’s family a reprieve until the next hearing on Monday afternoon.

“We are thrilled to report that we now have an order in place that will prevent the hospital from withdrawing Israel’s life support through the weekend,” an LLDF statement said.

A temporary religious accommodation secured by LLDF allowing time for the family to gather before the hospital would withdraw the child’s life support was set to expire today, and now the search continues for a hospital to take Israel and provide him with both a breathing tube and a feeding tube.

The toddler has been on life support since shortly after an April 1 asthma attack, and been treated at several area facilities.

Kaiser assessed Israel for brain activity within less than 24 hours of his admission there without consent and against his family’s wishes, declaring him brain dead April 14.

His family believes he has shown responsiveness, and is looking for an interim facility to continue treatment so he can be released to home care.

They reached out to LLDF upon learning of the hospital’s intent to perform the tests on their son, initiating several court hearings for a restraining order to keep Israel alive while they explore medical options.

In addition to a step down medical facility, LLDF has sought a neurologist for a second opinion on the status of Israel’s brain activity.

Aside from periods of responsiveness, Israel’s family said his condition has not deteriorated since being put on life support, despite the hospital having not provided him the full range of nutrition for him to thrive.

Along with the need for proper nutrition, LLDF told LifeSiteNews it is important for Israel to get a breathing tube because it is not safe to be on a ventilator for a long period of time.

Arrangements are in place to life flight Israel anywhere in the country where he would be provided treatment and care, and LLDF said the family is willing to waive liability for the facility willing to take their son in the meantime while they locate a long-term care facility.

LLDF said it has received many calls and emails with possible leads on doctors and hospitals that might be able to help, but the search goes on.

“Thank you for your prayers and your overwhelming support for baby Israel,” the Foundation statement said. “Your response has been a tremendous encouragement to Israel's parents.” 

To contact LLDF with information on a way to help Israel, call 707-224-6675 or email [email protected]

A GoFundMe account has been established for Israel.


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