CALGARY, Nov 29 ( – Justice Peter Martin of Alberta’s Court of Queen’s Bench ruled Friday that same-sex adoptions were permissible despite provincial laws forbidding the practice. 

The case involved a lesbian couple where both women used donor sperm to impregnate themselves via artificial insemination and requested adoption rights from the court. 

The Alberta government abandoned its fight for the law in April leaving an intervenor in the case to try to uphold the law. 

Alberta Federation of Women United for Families (AFWUF) was to argue the case until Justice Martin deemed “inadmissible” all relevant evidence submitted to the court by the Government, effectively preventing AFWUF from arguing the case. 

Moreover, Martin ruled that AFWUF were required to pay “court costs” of $3,500.

Canada Family Action Coalition President Roy Beyer commented that “In essence Justice Martin levied a penalty against a non-profit organisation simply for defending the law”. CFAC contends that groups, which, for example, are defending the laws against child pornography, may find themselves paying costs to people like John Sharpe. 

“It appears to be an attempt to intimidate groups who are opposing the radical rights agenda of the courts into silence,” said Beyer.