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Prime Minister Justin TrudeauTasos Katopodis / Getty Images for Canadian American Business Council

OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) — The judge who kept Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich in jail is a former Liberal Party candidate whom Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has praised in the past.

The judge who denied Lich bail after being arrested as part of the Emergencies Act crackdown, Julie Bourgeois, ran as a Liberal Party candidate in 2011.

A video resurfaced of Trudeau, at the time of her campaign just a Member of Parliament (MP), praising Bourgeois for “her vision, her authenticity, her strength.”

Bourgeois failed as a political candidate and was beaten by Conservative Pierre Lemieux in her riding.

The failed Liberal candidate has donated more than 70 times to the federal Liberals since 2009.

Bourgeois kept Lich in jail because it was her legal opinion that the barely five-foot-tall Indigenous grandmother must be imprisoned for the “protection and safety of the public.”

During her failed campaign, Bourgeois opined that when a “tough” economic landscape presents itself, that “desperate” people commit crimes that are “not major crimes,” as a result.

It appears that she decided against her former position that such criminals deserve clemency during an economic crisis.

Currently Canada is facing potentially disastrous inflation as result of economic harms done to businesses by lockdown measures from both federal and provincial governments. Financial experts have said that the current inflation rate in Canada is at a “three-decade high.” The consumer price index rose 5.1 percent in January compared to the same month in the year prior, accelerating from December’s pace of 4.8 percent and marking the first time since 1991 that inflation has surpassed 5 percent, according to Statistics Canada.

The Freedom Convoy began as a movement to support truckers and other Canadians who might lose their jobs due to draconian vaccine mandates.

Jordan Peterson called on the judge to “recuse herself” to avoid bias in her rulings.