Monday July 26, 2010

Judge Removed for Resisting Gay Adoption Required to Return EUR100,000 in Pay

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

MADRID, July 26, 2010 ( – Fernando Ferrín Calamita, a Spanish judge who was fined and removed from the bench for failing to grant an adoption to a homosexual couple, has now been ordered to return almost €100,000 (130,000 USD) in pay that he received while he was suspended from his duties and awaiting the outcome of his trial.

Ferrín Calamita was removed from his position as family judge in the Spanish region of Murcia in 2009, after he delayed a decision on granting the adoption of a child to the mother’s lesbian lover. He refused to issue a decision until he received a report on the possible impact of the woman’s lesbianism on the child, a topic that officials failed to cover in reports he had requested previously.

Although the prosecutor in the case sought to send Ferrín Calamita to jail for three years, he succeeded only in barring the judge from the bench for 27 months and levying a fine of €6,000. Ferrín Calamita has appealed the decision to the nation’s Supreme Court.

However, the Spanish treasury department (“Hacienda”) is now demanding in addition that the judge return the pay given to him while he was being investigated and tried, amounting to €99,640, by August 5th.

According to the Spanish activist organization HazteOir (“Make Yourself Heard”), the requirement that Calamita return his pay is a violation of Spanish law, which provides for the pay of officials who have been suspended from their duties while under investigation. He reportedly is in the process of contesting the decision, but under Spanish law he must pay first, and then wait for the money to be returned if the case is decided in his favor.

HazteOir also says that Ferrín Calamita is not likely to be defended by politicians of the Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party (PSOE) or the more conservative People’s Party (PP), because both fear the power of the homosexual movement in Spain.

“What in reality will not be excused is the fact that he has been able to confront, up to the final consequences for political correctness, the tyranny of the gay lobby. He has been smashed both by the PSOE and the PP, both by the judges of the right and judges of the left,” writes the organization.

The group adds that “no one is going to call into question the judicial and administrative decisions regarding Fernando Ferrín, because he is condemned for being faithful to the natural law.”

HazteOir says that it still has €30,000 that it raised from a previous fundraising drive to help Judge Ferrín Calamita, but that it will need 70,000 more to pay the rest of the amount he is required to return.

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