Judge Rules that Oregon Parental Rights Laws Discriminate against Same-Sex Couples

By Elizabeth O’Brien

  PORTLAND, Oregon, July 19, 2007 ( - A Multnomah County judge ruled that two Oregon Parental Rights laws are unconstitutional because they discriminate against homosexual couples.

  Judge Eric Bloch made the decision based on the case of Jean Frazzini and K.D Parmaa, a lesbian couple who had a child through artificial insemination. When the birth certificate arrived, the name of Frazzini was crossed off the list, the Portland Tribune reports. The couple won the case against Governor Ted Kulongoski and the state that they filed last year.

  The court decision comes after a series of victories for homosexual activists in Oregon this year. In May, the State House of Representatives passed the Oregon Family Fairness Act, a bill allowing same-sex partners to enjoy all the same rights of married couples.

  Similarly, Oregon’s Senate Bill 2 added "sexual orientation’, making active homosexuals, lesbians and transvestites a civilly guarded minority group. While the bill contains a "church exception" clause, many Christian leaders are seriously concerned that the bill may result in a clampdown on religious freedom of speech. In addition, the bill requires a public education program to prevent homosexual discrimination and advocates the recruitment of homosexual teachers.

  In 2004 several Multnomah County Commissioners and Basic Rights Oregon, the largest homosexual activist group in the state, started issuing gay "marriage" licenses. In response, Oregon Defense of Marriage and Family Coalition gathered enough signatures to put a vote on the ballot. A 57% majority led to the addition of the following phrase to the Oregon State Constitution: "It is the policy of Oregon and its political subdivisions that only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or legally recognized as a marriage." The following year, Oregon State declared that the previously issued marriage licenses were illegal.

  In an official statement, former state Senator Marilyn Shannon argued that the two recent bills go against the 1.3 million-strong vote for a 2004 constitutional marriage amendment. She also declared that Eric Bloch’s ruling, "exhibits once again liberal judges legislating from the bench their agenda and not Oregon’s heritage and values that are firmly established in our Constitution."

  Shannon continued, "Oregon does not grant marital rights to heterosexual couples in a so-called ‘common law’ marriage (no matter how long they have been living together); yet, he found grounds for ‘marital rights’ for lesbians."

"Judges not able to respect our democratic republic form of government should either take off their blinders, consider all sections of our constitution and rule accordingly or, for the integrity’ sake, quit and seek honest employment."

  She also noted that support for homosexuality is decreasing within the state. "Since 1992, Oregonians have voted four times on statewide "gay rights" measures. Over time, ‘gay rights’ supporters lost 40,000 voters. Conversely, voters holding to our heritage and values increased by nearly 400,000. We are the growing majority."

  The Defense of Marriage AGAIN! PAC is a grassroots effort to collect enough petitions to put these two bills to public vote in November 2008. Shannon is confident that they will collect the necessary 55,179 signatures by the September 26 deadline.

  To read the full text of the two bills or to donate to the campaign and request petitions visit:
  Phone: 503-559-3011.

  To contact the governor and respectfully voice concerns:

  Governor Ted Kulongoski
  160 State Capitol
  900 Court Street
  Salem, Oregon 97301-4047

  Phone: 503.378.4582
  Fax: 503.378.6827

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