Jury Convicts Abortionist Finkel on 24 Counts of Sexual Abuse

Tue Dec 2, 2003 - 12:15 pm EST

PHOENIX, December 2, 2003 ( -  Abortionist Brian Finkel, who was in years past acclaimed as a “national hero” by the pro-abortion movement for his ‘courageous’ stand against pro-lifers, has been convicted of 24 counts of sexual abuse.  Finkel was on trial for 60 counts of sexual assault and abuse of 35 women in his abortion clinic since 1986.  He was acquitted of 34 counts including all sexual assault charges.  A darling of the pro-abortion movement, Finkel was famous for patrolling his now-closed abortuary in a bulletproof vest and holstered gun taunting pro-life picketers, calling them ‘religious racketeers,’ and ‘mean-spirited, hate-filled Christians engaged in guerrilla warfare’. Reports say Finkel “relished being on the front lines of the abortion battle, terminating more than 20,000 pregnancies in 20 years and proud of it.”  See local coverage:

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