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We are now in the critical final few days of our Spring fundraising campaign! In fact, with only 3 days remaining, we still have $132,000 left to raise to meet our absolute minimum goal. (Click here to donate).

I am humbled, and greatly encouraged, by the thousands of supporters who have responded so far with donations, encouraging comments, and prayers. Reaching our minimum goal is now within reach...but only if everybody who reads this letter pitches in with what they can, even if it’s just $10!

If you support LifeSite’s mission to defend life, family, faith, and freedom, please, make a donation of whatever amount you can afford today!

As a faithful follower of our reporting, you know that we continuously and boldly stand for Truth and as a voice for the voiceless. It is because of our generous supporters that we have been able to represent the “underdogs” who otherwise would have been silenced by mainstream media. Our supporters help us bring hope to millions with life and family victories. 

You can join our community of supporters today with a gift of even $5 or $10 and enable us to continue reporting on victories!

We know that just as “a city on a hill cannot be hidden,” the Truth cannot be silenced. It must be proclaimed. By joining our support team, you can ensure the continued proclamation of the Truth amidst a culture that wants to silence it.

We must raise $132,000 by Friday to continue providing the same level of hard-hitting, investigative, and unique news coverage that cannot be found anywhere else!

If you’d like to become a monthly donor by joining our Sustain Life initiative, you can find out more about becoming a Sustainer by clicking here.

If you’re not ready to commit to a monthly gift, and you would like to give a one-time gift today, you may do so by clicking here.

We are counting on you in this late hour to help us reach our goal. We simply cannot continue without the faithful support of our readers. There is still much, much more to be done.

LifeSiteNews supporters have ensured that over 60 million people get the truth every year - more than I ever dreamed could be reached when I co-founded LifeSite with Steve Jalsevac 22 years ago.

This is the power your donation can have. Your support of our mission can be a catalyst for transforming our culture--one story at a time.

I am more convinced than ever that together we have a duty to greatly expand our current reach in order to effectively stand against the juggernaut of the Culture of Death.

Please keep LifeSite in your daily prayers. We know this is a spiritual battle, and we rely heavily on your spiritual support to undertake what sometimes seems like humanly impossible tasks.

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