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Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta, Feb. 3 2021.Jason Kenney / Youtube screen grab

CALGARY, Alberta (Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms) – The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms today responded to the Alberta government’s new restrictions on human rights and civil liberties by way of imposing vaccine passports on Albertans. New violations of Charter rights and freedoms were announced by Premier Kenney and Health Minister Tyler Shandro on September 15, including direct and deliberate discrimination against Albertans who have chosen not to take a COVID vaccine.

The Alberta government claims the mandatory vaccination requirements are necessary to “prevent our health system from being overwhelmed”. This is being imposed at the same time as Alberta Health Services is set to prohibit thousands of health professionals from working if they have not been vaccinated.

“The Alberta government has had 18 months to increase hospital bed and ICU capacity, and could have done so at a fraction of the cost of the economic harm that lockdowns have inflicted on our economy, not to mention the tens of billions in new debt,” states lawyer John Carpay, President of the Justice Centre.

The Alberta government announced in April 2020 that it could increase ICU spaces to over 1,000. Dire warnings about hospital overcrowding have not materialized, according to the government’s own data and statistics.

“Seventeen months after announcing the increase of ICU capacity, the government has still failed to do so, instead crippling the economy with lockdowns and by incurring tens of billions in new debt that our children and grandchildren will need to repay,” added Mr. Carpay.

“Premier Jason Kenney has been fearmongering for 18 months about Alberta running out of intensive care beds and staff to manage Covid patients, yet his government continues to fail to increase health care capacity,” continues Carpay.

“The Premier complains about unvaccinated people in the hospital, but ignores the fact that everyone, including vaccinated individuals, can contract and spread the virus. There have been outbreaks in heavily vaccinated countries like Israel and Iceland,” continues Mr. Carpay.

Israel is now considering a fourth shot and warning citizens that they will need to receive more and more injections, once every few months, to keep their vaccine passports valid, because the vaccine benefits are only short-term, unlike natural immunity.

“What will the term ‘fully vaccinated’ mean in Alberta in 2022 or 2023?” asks Mr. Carpay.

The Premier has stated repeatedly that Alberta would not institute vaccine passports. He enticed the public to receive the shots by promising a permanent end to lockdowns once 70% of Albertans received the new COVID vaccines.

By virtue of limiting fully vaccinated people to indoor social interactions of no more than ten people and only one other household, the government acknowledges that vaccinated people are spreaders of viruses.

“What evidence does the government rely on for its belief that unvaccinated people are worse spreaders of viruses than vaccinated people?” asks Mr. Carpay. “Premier Kenney has joined Prime Minister Trudeau in scapegoating, demonizing and vilifying the minority of unvaccinated individuals.”

Media report on the deaths of 2,495 Albertans with COVID in the past 18 months, but fail to mention that over 40,000 Albertans died during the same 18-month period, and that COVID has virtually no impact on life expectancy.

The media further reports on 1,609 “cases” without questioning the cycle threshold in use for PCR testing.  PCR testing produces false positives when cycle thresholds exceed 30.

The media has also reported on 877 COVID hospitalizations, but failed to mention that Alberta has over 8,000 hospital beds.

“By providing incomplete and out-of-context information, media continue to serve as the government’s fearmongering propaganda machine,” concludes Carpay.

Reprinted with permission from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms