Thu Mar 2, 2000 - 12:15 pm EST

OTTAWA, Mar 2 ( - Just weeks after being accused of leaking her homosexual benefits legislation to activist groups prior to first reading, Liberal Justice Minister Anne McLellan has been further condemned for the apparently cozy relationship she shares with these lobbyists. Yesterday’s National Post editorial looked back at the Justice Minister’s behaviour over the past couple of years. It noted the way she sidestepped parliamentary scrutiny and public accountability by allowing a key court decision to become law rather than being introduced as pro-homosexual reforms in parliament.

The key decision came on April 23, 1998, when homosexual activist judge Rosalie Abella, an appeals court judge from Ontario, decided to change the legal definition of “spouse” so that it might describe one of two homosexuals living together. The Post notes that from Judge Abella’s ruling same-sex couples have received the same tax-funded pension benefits as married families. “The government did more than just concede defeat; it actively refused to defend the law as Parliament had written it” by not appealing the decision, notes the Post editorial. Incidentally, Judge Abella, in another unchallenged decision lowered the age of consent for sodomy from 18 to 14.

Canada Family Action Coalition (CFAC) reported yesterday that hearings into the Bill by the House of Commons Justice Committee will now extend for two weeks, with final reading and vote expected in the House sometime in the third week of March (20-24). CFAC encourages pro-family supporters to write to local papers on the issue and also to contact their MPs urging them to vote against the bill at third reading. MPs will be home in their ridings and available for visits March 6-10.

Bulletin inserts, sample letters to editors, and a petition against Bill C-23 are available through [email protected]

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