OTTAWA, May 16, 2003 ( – Speaking in the House of Commons Wednesday, federal Justice Minister Martin Cauchon voiced support for Bill C-250 which seeks to add the term “sexual orientation” into hate crimes law.  The legislation has caused considerable concern among Christians throughout the country since it would impinge on religious freedom.  The bill’s sponsor, homosexual activist MP Svend Robinson asked Cauchon, “Does the minister support the inclusion of sexual orientation in Canada’s hate propaganda laws, yes or no?”  Responding, the Minister said: “yes, the bill is consistent with the government’s position on sexual orientation.”  As LifeSite reported yesterday, Robinson avoided defeat of his bill in committee with a filibuster Wednesday.  The filibuster is very concerning since, if the committee does not act on the bill by May 27, 2003, it will be returned to the House for a vote without amendment. Further, the committee will not meet next week since the House of Commons is not sitting.  See related LifeSite coverage:  HOMOSEXUAL ACTIVIST MP FILIBUSTERS COMMITTEE VOTE ON HATE CRIMES BILL   CATHOLIC BISHOPS CONFERENCE ASKS GOVERNMENT TO SCRAP HOMOSEXUAL HATE CRIMES BILL   See the Hansard from May 14 online at: